September 3rd, 2004


Happier Jet

When John and I went to pick Jet up, he was very happy. The teacher said that he'd recovered quickly after John had left and when shown a really cool toy he'd gotten down to the business of playing with it. He'd had a clean and dry day (no accidents, I think, is a good indicator of his stress levels, if there's too much to deal with, too much pressure/stress, or too many things to take his attention he has accidents, if he's involved in the process of deciding when he needs to go he just does it) there which was a very good thing, and he was very happy to get Mikayla to play with pretty early on in the day. It's very good for him to have someone he's familiar with.

When we asked him about school he said that he'd had fun, and he plowed through a bowl full of apple quarters we'd actually packed in his lunch. I guess he gets too involved with the other kids at lunch, still, to settle down and eat; but they did say that he had snack with everyone both morning and afternoon, so I guess he's doing okay. He still ate a lot when he got home, which wasn't a terrible thing.

We decided not to do the rec. center yesterday. He really wanted to play at home (after having a popsicle in the garage, alone), so we decided to just have him do that. John let him swim in the "hot" tub (which is actually at 90 degrees, more like the pool than a jacuzzi) for a good hour, and he came in and ate a good dinner. He wanted to watch "a Japanese movie" before going to bed (he got to see Totoro and parts of Laputa in Japanese instead of English the other night and he seems to prefer it that way), but we deemed it to be too long. So he went to pajamas, brush teeth with John and then had me read him books in the rocking chair before nursing to sleep in his room. That worked out very well.

I made a mistake in the sweater I am making him, and had to rip a bunch of it out to redo the mistaken structure. My hands now hurt, which is not a good sign. I love the emotionally theraputic capabilities of knitting, but I really hate what it does to my hands. I was so involved with that and needed it so badly that I stayed up way too late last night and then my hands ached all night, too, so I didn't sleep at all well. Maybe going to the Rec. Center today will help.

It was nice that everyone slept in until 8, including Jet! So I did get more sleep than I thought I would. When I did leave for work Jet was pretty happy about being able to be at home with Dad. Yay!
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