September 7th, 2004


Long, Busy, Fun Weekend

Jet needed time with his toys, so Thursday night, we stayed at home and played.

Friday was a work day for me, and the boys stayed home. Then we all went to the Rec. Center and had a blast.

Saturday was putz around the house day. John got most of it to do whatever he wanted. Jet and I stayed home and played with the yard, the tomatoes, and the sandbox. I found a GIANT ZUCCHINI that I swore wasn't there the day before. Then I found another one, on the ground behind the edge of the box. We ate some of that, grated and sauteed with grilled chicken thighs.

Sunday was a churchy morning, and I ground a pound of coffee for general usage, and will probably have to do another pound of it sooner rather than later. The Coffee Jones guys were glad to hear from us, and we ordered enough for all the folks that wanted to stock up again. One lady asked for three pounds of the stuff!! At once! During Jet's nap in the afternoon I marinated ribs and then we had the neighbors over for dinner. It was fun, four kids, five adults and plenty of food for everyone. Jet had a blast playing with the other kids and had some interesting times sharing things with Tanner, who's four. We had a late night that night.

Monday was a morning of my knitting on the sweater and taking care of Jet for morning duty as John had done night duty. Jet and I had fun talking about stuff. Then, when John got up and we had some play time, we all went off to Oak Express and got three video rockers (floor chairs for the vid system downstairs) and a bench for the laundry room. Then we came home and went to the pool and met Tanner and Macy there with their parents and stayed for two hours in the sunshine. I have such sharp tan lines, you could cut with them, now.

Dinner was Outback. It was good. Pasta for me and salad for John. Amazing that we don't order steaks from there when we're eating at home, but the take-out door was just hopping. Nearly every space filled all the time.

Swimming tired Jet out enough that he just fell over when it was time to sleep. Yay for swimming!

Today I'm tired, a little sunwarmed, and about to run off to my dentist's appointment. Mmmm... cleaning...
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A Pool Moment

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We ended up swimming at the pool and had a good time for about half an hour. I didn't want to be there that long, but it was good to try and wear him out a little. He swam and swam and took a raft out into the deep end, with me close behind.

I stepped on something hard and YELLOW in the deep end, and I kicked it up to the surface, grabbed it and it was a bulldozer Transformer. I handed it to Jet and he was delighted. He played with it for a bit, and then pushed it over the side. I, fool as I was, got it. Again, and again, and... "Jet, next time you push it overboard, YOU get it."

He pushed it overboard and looked at me.

I looked at him.

He frowned and then dove into the water, trying to get down to the toy. He popped up like a cork, grabbed the raft and said, "Mom! You push me down."

I blinked, and it was the weirdest thing in the world to push my son down to the bottom of the pool. But I did it. And he grabbed the toy and swam back up without a problem, one-handed. He handed me the toy, got a breath of air, grabbed the raft, got on it and demanded his bulldozer.

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