September 15th, 2004


Opposites Attract

When I picked Jet up, yesterday, he went to the van, looked in the open side door and pointed at the seat we put his car seat in, which faces the back of the van and said, "This seat is forwards."

Then he pointed at the bench seat that faces the front of the van, "This seat is backwards. Everyone but Jet sits backwards!" and he laughed and laughed...

I was just impressed that he got the opposite of both.
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This morning, when I dropped Jet off at school, he was happy as a clam until we got there. Then he suddenly paniced no recognizing the place, mildly, and was kind of apprehensive about going in. At his classroom, class was already in session (we'd gone to Luna's and had warm drinks, good eats, and that was part of why he was so happy), and the teacher beckoned him in with a big smile. Jet looked at me and asked, "Mom, can you come in with me?"

I shook my head, "Sorry. I have to go drop these," I lifted his nap pack and his lunch sack, "off in the right places. You can do it." He dropped his head, but went in. I dropped his equipment off, and then peeked in the doorway and he was propped up against the teacher, on the edge of the "Simon Says" pack and he was listening intently. The teacher grinned at me, gave me a thumbs up, and waved.

I headed out. I think he's getting it.

Jet's also getting the whole potty thing. He's now just going when he needs to and John and I have a heck of a lot less reminding to do. Between school and Joan, he seems to just be getting far more aware of when he really should just go whether he needs it or not. So that's very cool.

He hasn't had a single accident at school, yet. crosses fingers

Dang, Ivan is scary.

Last night, we all went to the Pumphouse brewery and met up with Bob and Father Dave, and talked and talked until nearly 10. Jet was great the whole time, either eating, playing with stuff, singing to himself, or just plain entertained by the TVs, being held by me, or just listening to the conversation, looking at pictures, or climbing into various people's laps to just try them out while they were talking. *grin* I'm glad he was so comfortable with everyone. He would sing, make some loud observations, but mostly play with the person holding him or with his toys. He ate a good plateful of fries and dug right through a dish of vanilla ice cream. So he ate something, at least. He loved playing with Bob.

So it was a fun adventure, and he went to sleep pretty easily afterwards.