October 3rd, 2004


Sick Jet

Jet's pretty sick. He's coughing pretty badly, and has spent most of the afternoon/evening in the couch watching movies of all sorts. Poor guy.

He did go to church, and had a blast there. He did Sunday school, kid's church, but ended up in my lap before quite the end of the service, as he really wanted Mom. He ate a good snack, though, fruit, donut holes, and some crackers and cheese. Then he fell dead asleep in his seat on the way home. He slept for two and a half hours before demanding warm, mint tea with honey ("Juice hurts my throat."), and sitting outside in the warm sunshine with us while we finished off our garden work.

John mowed the lawn. I hacked back all the plant life. I did quite the job on the wild roses, and got only a few good scratches for my efforts to fill the garbage can. I nearly cried at an ornamental cherry tree that obviously hadn't been pruned properly since it was put in. I had to use a dull, old pruning saw at heights just above my head, and my arms hurt pretty quickly. Bleh. But I got all the too-long limbs trimmed down to size so that they wouldn't snap in the next big wind storm, and hopefully it'll help the tree spread out in the spring. I can hope. John helped with the last four or five limbs, as I just couldn't reach them.

In turn, I helped him carry the Stoat's hard top from the back yard to the front, and then helped him put it on. That was hard work. I had to get a water bottle and just drink water for a while after I straight armed that load over my head to get it around the fencing along the side of the yard. John's sold it to a guy who is picking it up tomorrow night. So he wanted to get it ready for the guy to drive home to Atlanta. Wow. It'll be slow going, but steady. So John put it all back together again, to go. It'll be sad to say good-bye to our last Land Rover, but it'll definitely make room for our bikes and for the way our life now is. John doesn't have the passion for them that he used to, and it's something he can now just stop doing. Even though it's a low-maintenance truck, it still requires some attention and time to really keep it up.

It was a good part of our life, but I guess there are some times when it's just better to say it's done with. A bit like any thought I once had of doing production level spinning. I can and will do a little, and it's appropriate that I scaled what I had down to that for some of the same reasons the Land Rovers are being sold. It's just that when John sells one we get a thousand or more dollars out of it and which we can now use for other things, or stash away for another day. So more than just time resource gets opened up, but money was well, on a much larger scale.

So we were both a bit sore. Mikayla and Jet played at Mikayla's house for a bit, then came over to ask to swim in the hot tub, so they got into the hot (98 degree) tub and swam around happily. Jet was very active and very happy. It was only afterward that he got really hoarse with Mikayla. Poor little guy.

He downed a big bowl of rice, though, at dinner time, so he isn't feeling as bad as he was this morning when he'd eat nearly nothing for breakfast. He's also really happily watching Toy Story, and making a few horrible noises while laughing or coughing lung-style coughs now and again. I put nose decongestant in his nose, and gave him an expectorant for his lungs. He is coughing, but his fever isn't dangerous and the phlegm he does get up is just yellow, not green, so I think he's just got a viral thing, and will just have to fight through it. Probably the same rhinovirus I had yesterday, but the Zicam's gotten me back on my feet, no problem. Maybe I should have gotten him some of the kid-sized stuff... I don't know, though... the homeopathic thing still bothers me with regards to doing this kind of thing with Jet, but when the benefits are this obvious for me... bleh. Hard choice.

John's doing my pie now, so we probably won't eat it tonight. Still, it's good to know it exists. I can probably do my sweet fermented rice as I have a can of mandarin oranges in the pantry. The hot, sweet, slightly alcoholic soup and oranges might help Jet's lungs and nose, too, if he actually likes it enough to eat it and it might help him sleep, too. If he's worse in the morning, I'll have to take him to the doctor and pray that I can do the presentation I'm making at the division level tomorrow.