October 10th, 2004


In the interest of accuracy...

... the Zicam did not work at all on this cold...

Other than delaying the inevitable until I'd made my two major presentations. Then the ton of brick fell on me on Friday and I spent the day at home, having John email folks to tell them that I wasn't going to be making specific meetings. It's weird knowing that that email had to be sent to four different people and one of them was for a 20+ person meeting that someone was expecting me to run. Bleh.

Since Friday we've been rotating who gets to sleep when and where. Jet's been happy as a clam, pretty patient with our staying home most of the time, and fairly patient with a Mom and Dad that seem to need to lie down a lot. Yeah, both of us have it, bad. Nasal decongetant sprays seem to be God's blessing upon us, and it is getting into both of our lungs as well. I had one bad afternoon/evening on Friday when I felt like I couldn't breathe and I couldn't find my dang inhaler, but knowing that Jet had one evening like that before he turned the corner, I stuck it out and am definitely better on that front.

We did manage to get to the Boulder Farmer's Market yesterday, for the fixings for a vegetable/beef soup that Pastor Kear had made us. It tasted a bit like my mom's soup, so I thought I'd try it, as it's mostly just clear broth, the well-simmered beef and lots of vegetables. Yum. I cooked the beef last night, and it took a while to get really tender, so I stayed up with it as I feel much better in the evening than I do in the morning or daytime.

Other than that one adventure, John and I slept in turns.

Today all three of us were hacking up a storm when we got up in the morning. Once cleared out, the boys went to church and I'm about to go to the OUR center to prep food for hundreds of people. They may just turn me back home, but I'm past the usual contageous period, i.e. I'm hacking up yellow (lots of dead pathogens), not sneezing clear (lots of live pathogens). We'll see. I'll definitely use a face mask and gloves anyway, just in case... and bring my own knife.
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I took my Wusthof, hollow-ground santoku with me to the OUR center, as the knives they have there always frustrate me. The lady in charge, however, had me making the coffee and iced tea. One of the ladies making sandwiches started hunting for a sharp knife, and happened across mine and said, "Is this a sharp knife?"

I reacted, "It's my knife."

"Is it sharp?"

"It's MY knife."

She finally got that what she was holding was not a knife for the center. "Can I use it? To cut bread? I need a sharp knife."

Another lady, catching the tension, offered a rather bent serrated knife that was hanging on the wall.

The original lady, looking at the sheath said, "I need a sharp knife."

Defeated, I said, "Okay, okay. You can use it."

She caught my tone, "You sure?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead and use it."

She carried it gingerly toward two sheet pans of sandwiches. I didn't look. Good me. I kept brewing iced tea.

She came back ten minutes later, she held it reverently. "This is the best knife I have ever used. I would start to touch the bread and it was already cutting!!"

I smiled. "Thank you."

"No, thank you!" she said and washed it and dried it and put it gently back into its sheath.

Sometimes it's good to share.

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