October 11th, 2004


Sick Day

Jet seems to have another cold. He was hot again today and sneezing clear, which isn't that good a sign. John said that maybe Jet got overextended yesterday and just had a relapse. I can hope.

I felt horrible today, too, and it's just been too long since I could breathe clearly.

John, however, is definitely on the mend, his ears popped yesterday and he can breathe easily today. Man, I envy him.

Jet and I watched TV after my half hour meeting. Then we played some games. He popped up to go to the potty but missed because his pants were too hard to get down quickly. We have to get him more pants that fit him more loosely. We argued about lunch, and he ended up in a nest of blankets in front of the TV and he went to sleep for two and a half hours.

I should have slept, instead I did email.

John came home. I came to my senses and went to bed. I'm now up and I still feel like I could sleep tonight. I hope...

Jet had a huge bowel movement with John, so he may well have not been eating due to constipation as he's been eating happily since. Yogurt, cereal, Triscuits, and plenty of fluids so that should help.

I should think about dinner or something...
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