October 13th, 2004


My Braaaaain... my braaaaain...

All right, who took the brain? I need it!!

I have this bookmark it says:
"I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." -- Ashleigh Brilliant

I feel like that now. Some of it is the accumulation of 10+ days of BEING SICK. I hate that. The other is that my brain has already made the mental leap to Monday, which is when I have to leave on a rather TOO packed business trip to San Jose. Sorry, Horde, I'm in Monday night, have three packed days of my organizational off-site, and then home again Thursday night to arrive home at midnight. I'll be taking my Cold Snap pills the whole damned time.

Unfortunately, the leap is not timely, as I have massage tonight, John has a meeting tonight, John has an overnight trip on Friday to Saturday, and Jet's still sick. Though the little guy is entirely cheerful and marched right into pre-school this morning with nary a glance back at me, though we spent most of the morning talking through all the possibilities he thought up...

He asked not only to go to the Holy Moses school, but to go to the singing school (Brenda's), the planting school (Wendy's), and ended up asking to just go to the Farmer's Market!!

"Which market do you like better?" Asked I, "The one here or the one in Boulder?"

"The Boulder one, they have better smoothies. Lots of plants to eat." Not that he eats them... but that he sees that...

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