October 29th, 2004


Halloween Dry Run

I went to work in my silver Zoot suit. It was sometime last night, when I couldn't sleep that I decided on that. It was easy, unexpected, and fun.

I wore it with everything. The brilliant wing tip shoes, the purple Art Nouveau silk and silver tie, the doubled silver chain, and the black, black, black as my heart hat. I even tied the tie myself and got a few good reviews of it, eventhough I think I actually did it wrong. Hee. The swing of the long tailed coat, the baggy pants, and the click of the hard heels all contributed to a difference in step.

I got a lot of round eyes as I wandered through meetings. I abdicated a meeting and attended quite happily and made minutes that I was glad to do.

Then I got a few things done, and broke a ring that held my double chain together. I took it as a sign, along with my tiredness from just not sleeping to well. It wasn't anything Jet or anyone else had done. Just my hormones and, maybe, a dose of Flonase just before going to sleep. Today, I took it in the early evening instead of just before going to bed, and I hope that I'll sleep better because of it. In fact, at one point last night, I was finding it so hard to get to sleep that I actually got up, and slipped into "my" side of Jet's bed. Just listening to his breath finally got me to relax enough that I fell asleep for a bit. When I woke up I just went back to my bed and went back, fast, to sleep.

I went home. I changed into jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, and ate some lunch. Quick, easy, already paid for. I got to see the marvelous Jet costume. It's a jet. :-). George fashioned a beautiful wing-swept look with cardboard, covered it with duct tape to make it silver skinned, and Jet helped with the tape! Jet was so excited about it. It was wonderful! I then went to a book store and found nothing of what I should have. I did find five volumes of Saiyuki. I'll wait for a Borders coupon to get them, as the coupons come every couple of weekends. I was good and brave and didn't spend a darn cent.

I did, however, go to the Hummingbird Cafe and buy myself a lemon tart, and took it to work and ate it while working through the remainders of my ragged list.

At 3:15, I met Isabel, George, and Jet at the front desk, but they came through the back door, with one of the Security guards. Oops. They had parked by my car, and had walked in the way I usually walk in. Or tried to, but security escorted them in, and they were followed by a flood of children, there for the Halloween parade. All the kids got to stream through the site and pick up candy wherever they found it. Jet actually put his costume on when the kids were all getting ready to do the rounds. And he looks really cute in it, and everywhere folks who recognized Jet were going, "Oh! He's a jet! How cute!!" I followed for a short ways, but with George, Isabel and I, it felt silly. So I sat down and worked for a while, and when I was done, I met them in the cafeteria. It was noisy.

Jet had had a juice box and was ready to leave as soon as I appeared. I had a juice box, too, and then he and I headed home while Isabel and George hit the grocery store for some dinner goodies and some milk for Jet. I appreciated the extra milk for him. I need to pay them back for the enzyme stuff they bought for us.

Jet and I played. And kept playing board games and card games and stuff while Isabel and George got a break. When dinner was about done, we headed downstairs and Jet asked for five fish sticks, and he ate them all plus a few pieces of dry ramen, and a whole glass of orange juice. So he did well. I let him eat three pieces of candy, and he, kind soul, got each of us a piece of candy as well. I shared my Kit Kat with him, which he, unfortunately, didn't count as one of his "pieces". So we had a mild disagreement until I played executive and said that enough was enough, and we left it at that.

All of us went into the basement to play for a while. Choo-choos, Legos from upstairs, and a bunch of small Tonka trucks. I had to take a bio-break, and Isabel had to print something out. I helped her with that and the next thing I know George is at the door, and Jet is just crying his fool head off downstairs as he can't get his Lego man to stick in his boat. Sigh. He is tired. Jet is extremely tired, as he had no nap and he'd manfully walked, climbed, and otherwise hiked the whole of both floors of the Xilinx building. He pretty much cried for the next thirty minutes about every single thing I didn't do exactly to his wishes with regards to chocolate milk, getting pajamas, where to put him down in the bathroom, which pajamas to put on when he told me one but meant the other, etc. etc. etc....

I didn't kill him. I didn't even flinch at most of it, just kept making it right until he finally just fell over, unconscious, in my lap.


I'd heard the phone ringing while I was putting him to sleep. It was John, saying that they'd probably be 20 minutes late, as the plane was mildly delayed. The house is getting rocked by wind, so I imagine they might even be a bit later, we'll see. Or the Jet Stream is going so good, they'll make up the time. I'm not sure. I can probably look it up on the site. Indeed, I can. Even get a little plane picture of where John is.

I'm so tired. I'm glad he's coming home. I'm sad George and Isabel are leaving tomorrow, but glad they'll be out of here before the big storm on Sunday. Yeah, right. Halloween night here is almost always horizontal snow. Whee...

I've been very thankful for George and Isabel being here. I'm glad that they were able to come. They've been all kinds of help in all the best ways, and I'm so glad that they were able to make it. And it's been fun having them, and easy to simply be with them. Yay!!
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