October 30th, 2004


Recovery Saturday

Last night, I played Spider Solitaire as I waited for John's plane to get in. I checked at 10 and it said 11:52 pm. Ugh. So I checked again at 10:45 and it suddenly said 11:38! Since it takes about an hour to get to the airport, I hopped into the Passat, and headed out into the Wind.

Wind with the Capital W.

Here, there's a legend of a man selling stuff by the road. When you stop, you see that he's selling bricks on the end of lengths of chain. And the sign inside the booth says, "Boulder Wind Chimes".

For folks that live in the foothills, you can almost always get a laugh with that. The winds here would have turned Seattle into a smash of fir with no hope for power for a week. That's a great, good reason why there are so few Big Evergreen Trees here. The wind would have eaten them for lunch. The right good and proper wind trees here know to just drop all the leaves in a crunchy, ever-dry fall that whirls and dances away on the winds, leaving bare, bright branches for the first falls of snow and ice, to be polished by the Wind.

I had to stop and wait for the garage door to close. The wind buffets it and whirls leaves across the stop-sensor, so it nearly never closes on its own when the Wind is blowing. So I waited for it, and then zoomed out into the wind and felt it shifting the car as I drove. I was correcting for it nigh on constantly, but once I got to 60's on the stop lighted highway 52, and then up into the 80's on the freeway, the gusts made far less of a dent in my direction. The roads were dead empty. In San Diego or Seattle, there's always someone with you, even at midnight, here, even on just a two lane highway, there were huge gaps in the few cars on the road.

I went the toll road, as its fastest. At the second of two toll collection booths, my phone started playing the Monty Python theme. I paid, ignored it, and then picked it up as I pulled away. It's a mild trick with a stick shift, but doable, and it was John, walking towards the baggage claim. So I zoomed through the blustery night, and as I pulled by the 45 minutes parking pick up area, a dozen different cars were turning on their lights and jockeying their way to the on ramp. I grinned.

John had only waited two minutes when I finally pulled up and opened the door for him and gave him a huge hug of a welcome home.

He told me that, on the way in, he'd seen a sea of darkness. His first impression had been that it was a body of water, until he looked closer and found that it was strung through by a few moving lights. Unlike LA, SD, or Seattle, there are vast areas of Nothing around here, still, and it was cool to see from above.

We got home at 1. John had slept for two hours on the plane. I had not slept at all.

So we went home, I dropped into bed and had the first restful sleep I've had in two weeks. Just dropped off like a light.

My main explanation of that is that I probably subconsciously depend on John to help me take care of stuff when he's here. When he's not, my backbrain is always listening, always wondering about what it is that I need to take care of in the night. Be it Jet, a trapped mouse, a fallen thing in the wind, etc. the back of my head's always awake and wondering, so I never sleep as well as when John's here.

The next morning, I had it in my head that we had to leave by 9 to get Isabel and George to the airport on time. But it really wasn't until 9:30 as they didn't have to check anything. So John made waffles, and we all enjoyed a great breakfast before heading out. I brought along my buckwheat travel pillow and tried to nap on the way out. Jet participated pretty well in conversations until the last half hour, and he tried to drop off, too. When we finally decided to just drop Granny and Grandpa at the curb, Jet decided he was going with them. So I hopped out and went with them, too. John would meet us inside.

They took care of figuring out which gate to get to, and then we headed in that direction, stopping at the meeting place. Jet and Granny and Grandpa had a fun time exploring a little, and then we headed for the security area, and gave them hugs and kisses good-bye. Jet actually gave them both a hug and a kiss on the nearest available spot and then waved bye-bye after they were through security. Then we headed through the airport to do a little exploring. From there we headed home, and Jet dropped off and then I dropped off as well when we got home, and I had an hour and a half nap. I could have used more, but we had a Halloween thing in the evening at the church and I HAD to get a new dishwasher.

We just had profit sharing at work, and I had enough money, now, to finally get the kind of dishwasher we really wanted. The one that came with the house is noisy, can't hold or wash many dishes at a time, and uses a ton of water and heat. After our Asko, I'll admit that we were spoiled. We didn't seem to be able to find them, locally, this time, so we went with a Bosch as a research target. We had looked at the Great Indoors last weekend, and this weekend we wanted to look locally, and had found a place in Longmont that sold them from a locally owned dealer. Turned out that they had, on sale, as a floor model, the very model we'd been wanting from the other place. It's "lower end", but still whisper quiet, and has the front controls, so I can see if the dishes are clean or not with the indicator light where I can see it without opening the darn door. I mean, that's the point of the indicator, right? So you don't open the door to clean dishes with a dirty dish.

Anyway, the price they had plus the low price on the installation was Fabulous, and saved enough of my profit sharing that I can now think of a bit of tea or a couple of manga books or something as something in addition to what we got. Sadly, it won't be until Thursday that they can get it installed, but after waiting a few months, it'll be nice to have it at all. We then went grocery shopping, and got what we needed for the evening. Tonya had called to ask us what we were wearing, so we both broke out the Zoots, and headed in with an artichoke heart dip and Jet.

I was tired. I was socialed out with the last few weeks. So I mostly just wandered around aimlessly, ate "heavy appetizers", and watched Jet be anti-social, too. He just sat at a single table, stripped of his costume, and stared at everyone else. That is, until the other kids started sitting on one mom while she read books to them. Then he joined them, and sat as close to the book as he could until he ended up under her elbow, and he leaned gently against here and tried to see what was going on.

After that, he started chasing the Big Boys around, played football with them, and chased them all like crazy. All this until he got the ball, started running with it, and a boy with a football helmet on actually tackled him for it and slammed the back of Jet's head into the floor.

Moms' heads from around the room whipped around at that sound. The kid instantly let up on Jet. He knew. It was a concrete floor, luckily on this particular portion it had a thin carpet on it, which was something. Jet took that five seconds to get a Really Big Breath and burst out crying. He got up to a sitting position himself, so I figured he was fine, and I picked him up and held him for about two minutes before he stopped crying. He stopped pretty quickly, and said that his head didn't hurt at all, so I let him get up and watched him walking and then running for a bit. No dizziness, no uncertainty, so I think no real damage. Whew.

We went home soon after that, and all went to sleep very quickly. Mmm... home again...
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