November 1st, 2004


Quiet Monday at Home

I slept very badly last night. I think some of it is just not really moving much for the last several days, and it's added up to a really bad night.

John was kind and took Jet in the morning. I had him all day, though, and we had a good time at home. We just played toys, games, and watched relatively little TV. I worked a little too much. Jet drank a little too much but was great about not having Big Accidents. Once he felt himself start to have to go, he actually stopped it three different times, ran to the potty and used it. So no big clean up, just his pants and underwear. So that was very good compared to last week.

We had lunch at home, Jet had fish sticks and fries and showed me his clean plate with much pride. So he got a dish of vanilla ice cream, which he enjoyed a whole lot.

John had a meeting at 7, so we went to the Rec. Center as close to 4 as possible, ended up there at 4:30, what with picking up John and other stuff like that. Jet played toys, we walked and jogged around the patched and repaired indoor track. Then we went swimming.

Jet was all over the pool. The last several times he spent most of his time in the big current pool. This time, though, he was just all over the play pool. He had a mild nose cold, and it didn't seem to slow him down at all. In fact, when it was time to go he didn't want to. I finally just took him to the showers and while he fought it a little, it wasn't by too much as he got chilled pretty fast as we were going down the hallway to the showers. He was very, very happy to get into a warm shower. Whew.

It snowed last night. The first measurable snow of the season, and it was just crusty crystals by morning, but still snow. It's chillier out now than it was, and the air in the Rec. Center, outside of the pool area, was pretty cold compared to the summer time.

John had left the pool a little early to call in a pizza order and shower and change himself. He helped with drying and dressing Jet. I got Jet out of the shower by telling him that I was about to use my shampoo and that it would be owie for his eyes. He got out quickly. Smart boy. We headed home amid a chorus of protests from Jet, as he really wanted to do Salad now that he'd done swimming. Ah well. He ate a few goldfish, and then ate a little pizza before giving up on it and asking for ice cream. He was coughing pretty hard, so I gave him a cough ice pop, and it made his throat feel better and slowed the coughing enough that he was pretty comfortable.

We getting the stacks and stacks of catalogs in the mail. Jet latched onto a Fisher-Price catalog and asked me to go through each page over and over again. We went through it, toy by toy, page by page four times before Kathy called me.

Yay, Kathy! She told me about her trip to England and it was great to just sit and hear about what intersted her and what she really got into. Sadly, Jet was able to do the catalog for just a bit more on his own, but he gradually got more and more insistant, so I finally had to sign off and tend to him and get him to bed as I felt the sleep would probably help him out the most.

It took a while. He was tired, so lots of things were faulty on the way to bed.

I got him into his pajamas, his teeth brushed, and then I sat down with him in the rocking chair with a book when the phone ran. Cursing all political phone folks, I went to the phone with a sad, tired Jet trailing me, and it was John, about to come home. Okay. I settled back down with Jet and got him to sleep after going through the catalog yet again, and we read two other books. Isabel had said that she wanted to read "Ask Mr. Bear" to Jet enough times that it stuck, and he really wanted it read to him for the third night in a row. Jet still doesn't "get" the bit about the bear hug at the end. He keeps insisting that the mother's hair bun is actually a flower and the boy ended up giving his mom a flower. *grin*

Anyway... John came home soon after.

I had Jet into bed pretty quickly after the stories were read.

I then went to sleep with my warm rice thing, and draped it over my achy knee and mostly just passed out.
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