November 9th, 2004



Busy day at work. When I went to get Jet he was just Full Of It. He was running around inside the house. Took quite a while to get shoes and jacket on him. Then he ran and ran and ran outside with Haley. He wanted to just keep running and running and running.

Turns out that when Joan had asked him to go to the potty before I arrived, he'd answered, "You have to change me, I wet my pants." Ah well, so much for not having accidents at daycare... bleh.

But he was happy. He wasn't sick like yesterday, and he was just cheerful as anything.

We came home. Mikayla was out with her friend on the driveway, and they ran over to come into the house and then out of the house for the back yard, and then they ran to Mikayla's house telling Jet that they didn't want to play with him. He wouldn't take that, and just kept running after them saying that they had to play with him. He has far more self-confidence than I ever had, or even more than I have now. I nearly tried to persuade him to just stay home if they didn't want him, but he chased after them, ran through the gate, into Mikayla's house, closed the door carefully after himself, and Dean said that if Mikayla wanted to play with any kids at all, including her other friend, she had to play with all the kids in the house.

No nonsense. Jet then asked for candy from Mikayla when she found her candy bucket, and pretty much persisted until the two girls were telling him "Yeah!" whenever he asked them if they were going to play with him. He's now over there eating ramen for dinner (all the kids are getting ramen) and pretty much happy to be playing there. I am mildly amazed. I would have been crushed at the first "No! I don't want to play with you. I don't like you!" instead of persisting until he's sitting on the couch with the girls while they all watch Shrek 2.

Hee. I'm glad he has that much self-confidence and that much faith that things will work out according to what he wants.

I made dinner out of Stuff. I wanted to make a mushroom rice turkey casserole recipe from Light Cooking, but didn't have the rice, the no fat sour cream, or the 1/4 cup of fresh parsley... so I noodled about my cupboards and found a box of Trader Joe's Mushroom risotto. I started that, found that I had no more chicken broth, so used beef broth; and most of the way through noticed that it was creamy enough and tasty enough for a good casserole. So I stirred in all turkey scraps (none of the whole slices or pieces) while the rice was still a little chewy, then added chopped, frozen broccoli until it was the "right" color, and then threw it into a casserole dish with a thin drizzle of water to let the rice finish cooking. Tossed it into the oven, and then got half a tablespoon of melted butter, tossed panko in it until the crumbs were lightly coated, and then crushed some French's onion rings into the crumb mixture. When the base was good and hot I scattered the crumbs on top and then broiled it while toasting rolls and John made salad. It was great with the cranberry sauce.

Happiness is a warm casserole. Now I'll have lunch for tomorrow, too.

It was an excellent dinner.
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Okay... it probably amuses me unnecessarily when the JF says, "I love having a wife who buys me a dishwasher from her profit sharing, when she could have bought oodles of fountain pens."


The Bosch is astonishingly quiet, has oodles of room, and has no heating element at the bottom of the tub. So plastics and stuff can go even on the bottom shelf. Whew. And the capacity is mind-blowing after the old dishwasher.

On the Gripping Hand...

I seem to be buying things again. It's not the job, I'm pretty sure. I think it's just emotional fallout from the election, but I'm buying things again for comfort or maybe just to prove to myself that I can affect change on some other part of reality than just my own. Or something. Maybe "Retail Therapy" is closer than is comfortable. Some of that therapy was probably due to KNOWING in my heart of hearts that I'm not doing the month novel thingy... (I can never remember the acronym).

I purposefully stayed away from the Farmer's Market this week because I could feel the urge.

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