November 27th, 2004


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I almost can't believe it's only Saturday. Feels like it should be Monday or Sunday, at least...

Jet slept until 8:30 this morning! No middle of the night wakings, either. Wow. So we all got a great night's sleep. We have to take Jet on cold walks more often, I guess.

John made waffles, and we ate, watched cartoons for a while, and then made reservations for our trip to my parents. A thousand dollars for the three of us. Sigh... but it's important for Jet to see his grands on a regular basis.

We then did some Christmas shopping and figuring out, and we got a bunch of stuff done outside while it was still sunny and warm for the morning. Jet chased us outside for a bit, and then went in to play quietly with Legos. I pruned down a huge bushy thing that really could have used the cutting down a long time ago. I went too far with it, as I've always done when pruning. But it should do better in the spring. Jet and I dug up the last of the carrots from the garden. They hadn't frozen at all, and they were a neat row of cute little three or four inch, fat carrots. No branching on the roots, which was nice. Jet was in his down vest with his Jingle bell hat, and he actually went inside and asked me to get him some mittens. Smart boy.

I roasted some more decaf for myself, as the next three days should have highs around freezing and lows in the teens, so I figured now would be the last time until we'd already left for San Diego for our vacation. While I was doing the roasting, Jet was running around singing, "Jingle bells", and the snow started coming down. Jet went into the house and wanted to eat. So we tag-team cooked some noodle soup for him and Jet ate it all up. He then plowed through a real hot chocolate and a bowl of almond gelatin with mandarin oranges.

Jet's just done with his food. I'm writing, and Jet decided to stand/sit behind me and play with my hair. He pulled out the ponytail holder, and is now holding my hair in a very tight fist saying, "Get the hair thing! Get the hair thing!" *giggles*
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