November 28th, 2004



It's mildly discouraging to shovel snow for two hours to clear a third of the driveway and all the sidewalks in front of the narrow front of a pie-shaped property and then, when done, discover that the earlier part was already white again with snow. Slushy, icy snow for that matter, as the pavement had warmed to the sun until the snow blew in, and now the bottom of the new stuff is a crusty slick of ice.

Those in Minnesota and Alaska would know of what I speak, I'm sure. But, usually, John does the shoveling. I just wanted the work-out this afternoon after a week's sloth and no Rec. Center on Thursday. I got that. It was satisfying, too, as the area that I did manage to clear was pretty big and it was nice to just have done it even after the van had packed down an ice slick of a track through the stuff I was trying to shovel. It helped to have two people with dogs walking by while I was doing it and having them appreciate the effort I'd gone to.

I learned a lot about snow shovel dynamics today, and enjoyed that sheer feeling of just doing something. I got to figure out that throwing it forward is far better than trying to tip it to the side. I found that wet snow packs much more easily than powder. I also found that once it started packing, there was no stopping it other than with lighter loads or strokes. I figure out that snow plowing is just darned fun. I also found out that my down coat gets too warm when I'm really active, even in the bit of the wind and with snow flakes as big as my thump whacking the back of my head.

We'd spent the morning at church. Getting there, making coffee, doing parts of the service (John, not me), playing, eating, and running around (Jet, not me); and at 1 John took Jet to Boulder and the indoor soccer arena and they had a blast at Macy's third birthday party! Yay! We gave her mom a rainbow coat that fit Macy and gave Macy a set of Blue's Clues figures. We know the difference between presents for kids and presents that are actually for the parents. :-)

So I got to be home. Shoveling snow for two hours. Then I got my act together and started a bunch of things for John's birthday tomorrow. When John and a sleeping Jet came home, I kept at the pictures. There was something wrong with the printing on the color printer, and I finally figured out, first, that the light pink section of the color cartridge had actually run out. So I swapped that out. I got some pictures done before they all got sepia. Yeah. Sepia. That's when I realized that the black cartridge was being intermittent and not doing all that well. And that we don't have an extra. Damn.

No black extra. I had to do it tomorrow. This in the midst of John doing the 100 Christmas letters and thinking it would be cool to have pictures to go with them. Oops. So we'll really have to do it tomorrow, if we're going to do it.

Dinner was leftovers. Anything we could find in the fridge, most of which were vegetables of one type or another. So I had some sticky rice with mine, and John had enchiladas with his, and Jet ate bread and butter because he could. Time to clean out the fridge, and we'd already done most of the duck, the mu shu, and various other main courses. All that seems left is a bottle of spaghetti sauce and a few morsels of duck. Mmm... duck.

We had leftover pie for dessert. Jet ate the almond gelatin, straight, no fruit today, thank you.

It took a long time to get Jet to sleep, as I'd let him nap a bit too long. Yes, we know it's a mistake. I just made it again. Dang... He didn't get to sleep until 11:30. Ugh.

Between the shoveling and the knitting, my hands ache pretty badly, all of me really aches, but that may just be an indicator of good shoveling technique. I'm using my whole body, not just any single part. Yay!
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