December 24th, 2004


Christmas Eve

We had today off, and it was a Godsend. Not so much for last minute shopping as we had a very, very filled evening to get through, and both John and I did some last-minute shopping for Jet, in which he participated, amusingly enough.

John slept in this morning, as he's been up early for most of the week and up late, too, so I got up with Jet, put on my footie pajamas, and we giggled and played and talked and rolled balls of yarn and didn't watch a lick of TV. Wow. When John got up at 10'ish and I had a cuppa coffee, I was awake enough to keep watching Jet while John went out to do a dozen or so errands.

Jet and I made coffee cake for breakfast, and he loved putting the strusel on it, and when it did come out of the oven, Jet dove into a piece and never came out until he was done with it, "Crunchy." was his only comment. It was just the Kroger cinnamon coffee cake recipe, and it was good enough for everyone. I want to make sticky pecan rolls sometimes while we're on holiday. It'll be good to have the time.

John turned on the TV for Jet, and got the Tellitubbies going while I took my shower. Then Jet and I played some more, and eventually he said that he wanted to go get some Christmas presents. For himself, of course, but I thought it wouldn't hurt for him to get some presents for John and I as well. :-) They turned out, of course, to be presents Jet wanted for himself... but hey, I always wanted an "I Spy" Memory Game! And John always wanted a wind-up choo choo on a puzzle track. *giggles* We even ended up with a present from Jet to Jet, a clearance priced (50% off) floor puzzle that's a good 3' by 2' of five tug boats from some PBS show.

When we got home, he giggled while helping me wrap them all and he ran to put them under the tree.

Then we napped. He asked me to lie right next to him, and then we both fell asleep. I got up twenty minutes later, mildly more refreshed, but needing to get to the grocery store. John played Defender, downstairs, while I went and shopped, which was equitable, actually. Being able to grocery shop Just By Myself is an incredible gift.

We had dinner when I came home, then we woke up Jet and he had an instant meltdown. He hadn't eaten much since the coffeecake, and after a lot of really terrible crying, swapping of laps, and lots of food rituals, Jet finally put a bite of rice into his mouth. Then he started shoveling it in with both hands, and when he'd finished the bowl full of rice, bonito shavings, seaweed, soy sauce, and Christmas sprinkles, he was a New Boy, shiny, polite, and calm as a rock. Wow. He drank down a yogurt drink to boot and then happily stomped out to the car in his boots, explaining, "There's snow, so I have to wear boots."

We then raced to the church for the Christmas Eve service, had a great time, and then dropped by Chad's to drop by a Christmas Eve present. I had a craving for a decaf peppermint mocha, but nothing was open, as expected, and we drove around a bit and marveled at how much traffic there was while EVERYTHING (including the gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores) was closed. The only thing we saw open were video shops. Amazing.

When we got home, Jet set up his stocking, a plate with cookies for Santa, and a glass of orange juice. He then had a bath, went to bed and made John read "The New How Everything Works" until John had to leave for the late service. I then picked up at the microphones and amplifiers, and Jet took in the rest of the chapter before asking for one of his usual books and then "The Christmas Book", which is actually a rendition of "The Night Before Christmas". I flashed back to the Griswald Christmas, but this was much better. :-)

Then, when Jet was snoring, I started wrapping like crazy, had a hot echineacia tea, and then knit until John got home and finished the rest of the work. Yay! Sleep.
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