January 2nd, 2005


Sick on Vacation

I've been really sick. Lung stuff that John started a bit before Thanksgiving and is still contending with. Jet's getting over it faster, but then he's young. I'm mostly sleeping a lot, going out and doing a few things and then falling, exhausted into bed again.

Yesterday was Mom's birthday and after a breakfast of waffles that John made for her they all took off to the Wild Animal Park, as that's what Mom wanted to do. They had a blast.

John tells of another three-year-old girl that Jet met up with and they had a few competitions, starting with tugging on a rope, against each other, while in line for the tram. :-) Then, on the bus, they both watched the animals for the first half of the ride, and when it started getting old, they both went to the same side of the tram and started having a singing competition. Random-word songs by three-year-olds, each singing louder and louder and..

The tram guide starts saying, "We need to be quiet now so that we don't scare the ABC animal on the left..."

And the whole tram goes quiet but for the piping, louder and louder, of two children's voices...

Jet also got cotton candy by virtue of a fine memory. He'd seen it at the beginning of the trip, and he was told that he couldn't have it until he ate his lunch. So he dutifully dug through a whole bowl of rice, and then was told that he had to ride the tram before they stopped running... so he went and did the hour long ride, and the first thing he asked, on getting off the tram was, "Where are my cotton balls?" Hee. He only ate a quarter of it, but it was still a treat he remembered and wanted.

We had a good Chinese seafood banquet for the evening and I was pretty alive for that.

Part of why I was in such bad shape was because I was sick the day before, but there was an autoshow in the San Diego Convention Center. Parking was so bad there that we went to Old Town to catch the Trolley (which is actually a very nice little train) to the Convention center. It was raining the whole time, a nice, light Seattle-like rain, constant and cool and non-soaking unless you stand in it for half an hour and realize... but we didn't. There were good shelters the whole way, and Jet was fast asleep on the way in, but he woke up at the transfer station and was great through all the walking through all the cars. It was a little like DAC but with cars, people just showing their best sides, glitzy presenters who were nothing like the guys that really knew the cars, and even the guys that knew were sales guys, here, not the nerds and real know-it-alls of the electronics industry. But lots of walking, presentations, fancy booths, music, and displays. I got to sit in a Prieus, a Mini, and a few other things.

I don't think we'd do it again, but it was fun and the train rides were especially good.

Mom and Dad had a great hot pot waiting for us when we got home. Just hot chicken broth, where we dumped a bunch of meats into and cooked and ate, and ended with tofu, glass noodles, and both spinach and Chinese cabbage. Yum. It was filling and warming after the cold day.

Thursday was a quiet day at my parents' house, just napping to catch up for the week before. John and I were pretty wiped out, and I was starting the cold and actually felt pretty great by the end of the day. I just used all my reserves the next day by pushing it a little too hard. Ah well.

I'm hacking like I'm going to die, but with my albuterol I feel good about my breathing, at least. I can breathe. An amazing thing to be able to say...

It's been a good vacation in the resting up from battle sort of sense. Time away from everything makes it very easy to stop doing everything and just rest. Whew.
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