January 11th, 2005



The cough's moved around a bit. The Advair's definitely doing a number on the asthma, and it's a good thing, too. I'm still really tired, but I am coughing steadily less and less.

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Data Diving

There's something, for me, that's addictive about data diving, about searching out everything available on a particular subject. It's just fun and enthralling, to sit and read and read and read information about something at all levels. High, low, general, detailed, and structural. I love gathering it all up and building my own mental model/map of the intellectual territory and taking into account often contradictory accounts, opinions, and ideas. I enjoy it, immensely. I hate making decisions based on the data, as I am, so often, more interested in What Is? than in What Is Better? Maybe it's the Taoist in me. But the gathering is as comfortable as a hot bath. I just relax into it and absorb.

I love having a strength...