January 30th, 2005


Blue, Blue, blue...

The darned roving is a real bear to spin, but I'm going to dang well get it done before Jet's bedtime if it kills me.

As predicted, the darned rope of tussah didn't come apart all that well, so I'm having to fluff it as I go, and help it 'blend' into the rest of the darn fibers. The silk bunches tend to slip right past the wool if I don't do something drastic to them. Grrr...

Jet was so tired, last night, after washing up from painting, that he asked to sit in my lap while I spun. He really wanted to watch me spin, but he couldn't sit up on his own, so he lay in my lap and nodded off to the rhythms of the wheel. Not a bad way to go...

And he slept in until nearly 9 this morning, which made us WAY late for Sunday school; however, given that there was four inches of new snow outside, it wasn't like we were in a hurry. It wasn't bad, though, as the sun had cleared all the roads before we ever got on them. And we were well in time for the service, which was fun as Anne did an interactive sermon, where she asked us for instances, real instances, of things that supported her theory/moral. It was a very interesting way to approach Micha's questions about what offerings would really please God. Some of it didn't work, some worked very well indeed, but it's nice to have a pastor that takes chances. It was also cool to learn that the United Church of Christ's lobby in Washington D.C. supported widening stem cell research and gay rights along with mildly more traditional issues of Affordable healthcare and a higher minimum wage.

It's astonishing how good it is to hear that there's a lobby that has the same values I do, and that it's religious to boot.

On the way home we stopped by Home Depot again for a few things, and John and I had hot dogs from the hot dog stand. Jet opted for more snow noodles when we got home, so I made them for him and he inhaled the whole plateful. I'd made that many because that was the last of the spaghetti; not thinking he'd eat it ALL, but eat it all he did. Wow. Good thing they were whole wheat.

I worked madly on the yarn. John finished the last of the laundry room thing, including a new set of shelves for all the Stuff that's in there. And the new setup is vastly more useful. Whew. I'm so glad.

After his nap, Jet found my flame-colored yarn from the last few days and he said he wanted to wind it into a ball! He even found the ball-winder, and set it up, screwing it down onto the table quite firmly for his hand strength. I helped tighten it a bit more, and he had me handle the skein while he wound it on. He put a fairly good tension on the yarn, itself, to keep it on the ball, and wound it all on! Both the all-silk and the blended yarn in their own balls. I was pretty impressed, and glad he decided to just do it as having the skeins just out, Jet was inclined to play with them and really tangle them up. In fact, he was wearing that skein like a wig just before deciding he had to wind it up. Hee.

I finally finished the blue stuff just before Jet went to sleep. We had a 'quick' dinner of Trader Joe's Masala simmer sauce, tomato-based curry, on a bed of our "confetti rice" which has twelve kinds of whole grain, lentils, and legumes in it. It cooked up purple! Jet wrinkled his nose at it. He had soup and noodles instead. As he hasn't had it for a few days, it seemed like an okay thing to do, and he finished his portion pretty quickly.

All in all, a good day. I plied, washed, and hung the yarn from the new pegs John had installed in the laundry room for drying things. I put a stick through the handle of the bucket and hung it from the end of the skein so that all the drips would go into the bucket and the yarn would have a little weight while it was drying. I spun it tight and plied it a little tighter so it would wear well as socks and I could see just that little twist in the skein that indicated I'd done it correctly. Whew.

Jet, when he saw the blended fibers said, "That's so beautiful!"

He says that, now, on enough occasions it's really neat to hear, but infrequently enough that I know he means it when he says it. They are situations when someone else would likely call whatever he names beautiful by the same adjective. It's just usually in situations where it's something of mine that I hadn't really thought of in those terms, and it's just warming when he notices and calls it that way.

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