February 2nd, 2005


Jet Day

Today is Jet's Birthday, though his party is on Sunday, we decided to celebrate a little today with all of Jet's relatives' presents that were mailed in.

It was fun telling him that it was his birthday this morning because the first thing he asked was, "Where's the cake?" *giggles*

He went to school, no problem, especially once he told a teacher it was his birthday. He was so gratified by the response that he started telling other folks as well. :-) I think they were surprised, a little, that he's already four, as he's smaller than the other four-year-olds; but that they all liked him so much was pretty evident as soon as he started telling people.

John and I, at lunch time, went and bought him the Chinese Dragon train car to go with the tape of the Chinese Dragon episode that I'd bought at Caboose Hobbies a few weeks ago. They wrapped it up. And we had a quick, good lunch at Red Robin. I needed a burger and got a great one in the Bleu Ribbon burger, with lots of bleu cheese, crisp onion straws, a spicy chipotle mayo, and lots of good veggies. Yum. It was especially good with half a chocolate-banana shake. The waitress was great and split it into two glasses, exactly, and topped it off with whipped cream for both of us. That was quite tasty and exactly the right size, as a "single" milkshake is usually twice as big as I can drink.

After work, we went and got Jet, and went to King Soopers and ordered the Big Cake for his party. There was a Thomas cake, which he just had to have. It has a wind-up Thomas on a track on it, and the decorations are pretty much in the primary colors of the advertising, so Jet had to have that of the dozens and dozens of cakes they had. So we ordered it for Sunday, and then got him a little, chocolate cake for tonight.

We went home, put away all the groceries, and took a quick, quiet break before going out for Jet's birthday dinner. He wanted "A Funny Face Pancake!" So we went to IHOP and got him exactly what he wanted. I had blueberries on their Harvest Grain and Nut pancakes, and John had the same pancakes with eggs and bacon. I ordered sausage, but they weren't that good. So I didn't eat them, and the kitchen was having some problems and I ended up with one buttermilk and three Harvest all *wrapped* around a blueberry filling instead of just stacked... Argh. Ah well.

Jet ate a tremendous amount of his pancake, then came home, opened presents, and ate a huge amount of his chocolate cake as well. He loved all of the presents and was astonished by the Chinese dragons and went to play with the train immediately while watching the tape. Hee. He loved all the things everyone gave him and showed them all to me for me to get pictures of them. Hee.

He spoke with my parents before dinner, but since he opened presents, he hadn't wanted to talk on the telephone at all. Ah well.