February 7th, 2005


A Checkup and A Quiet Visit

Jet had his four year checkup with the pediatrician today. It was actually quite fun.

Jet had retained his good humor from his Urgent Care visit of a few weeks back, so enjoyed bantering with the nurse and giggled a lot when she asked him get down to his undies. "Undies are underwear!" he said, in revelation and got a lot of giggles from that. Hee.

He jumped onto the scale and watched with wide eyes as the nurse lowered the boom onto his head for his height. He's still in the same percentile he's always been in, so no concerns about him not growing enough or getting too fat, so that was good. The doctor was very impressed with him doing all the numbers to ten and all the letters in the alphabet song and every color she pointed to ("on shirts! I'm only doing colors of shirts!" insisted Jet), including calling his multicolored sweater a "rainbow". He argued with her about wearing a helmet while riding a bike, though he admitted that he wasn't very good at riding a bike, yet, sometimes the pedal gets stuck he said.

Dr. Turner did comment that his verbal skills were very good. :-)

Hee. She asked him to put all his clothes on, and he wheedled John and I into "helping" (which we mostly limited to just getting things lined up) though he has, sometimes, locked us out of his room so that he could put all his stuff on himself. Hee.

He got his prize after that, and we took John to work and dropped him off. Jet and I then went to Target to get him some batteries for his new toys from his birthday. We walked by the video games area and since I still had about $20 on my gift card, we stopped by the best-sellers section, with everything at about $20 and Jet tried to persuade me that I should buy the SpongeBob game. I couldn't do it. I finally said, "No. If you really want it you should spend your stamps on it." He stopped insisting. We finally settled on Pac-Man P2, which was harmless enough and looked like it could be fun.

We went home. Played choo-choos and went through two tracks before we got a phone call from jonsinger asking what our plans were for the day. He had some things he wanted to do, but wanted to have tea with us. So Jet and I had lunch and then played one of his movies and then the PacMan game. We giggled a lot through the whole thing. Hee. So it was a success.

Singer came by and we had a blast. He showed me glaze tests, gave me some gorgeous estate Darjeeling to drink. It was fun figuring out which brewing instrument to use, we broke out the scent cups, and enjoyed the results in some of the teacups he'd made me a very long time ago, when he was doing his own handmade porcelain mixes and a few generations of blue-drip glaze ago. He also anded over a bar of my favorite chocolate the Cote d'Or Noir de Noir, introduced to me, at first by incandescens several years ago, and which I've bought rather religiously, since. Yum.

Jet mooched three sticks of chocolate of the two of is, and joined us for tea by having orange juice in his little mug. He sipped some of the Darjeeling and his eyes lit up, so I might be raising a tea head. Oops. Singer brought me a very nice brick of Yunnan pu-erh, and I gave, in exchange, a tablet of green Yunnan pu-erh, as I knew he liked the green Yunnans. I also had fun and gave him some of the green Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee as I knew he likes to roast himself, too.

I had fun showing him my silk, wool and mohair mixes for socks and measuring him up for socks as well. He liked the colors, too. Singer had a gorgeous little braided rubber ball for Jet. It also fluoresced quite beautifully in various UV lights. Jet loved it and tried breaking a bunch of our tea ware by bouncing it on the table. Oops. Once I asked him to do it on the floor, we were all able to have fun.

John arrived home, after a brisk walk through the night. Since I'd dropped him off, he didn't have a car to get home in. We got all organized and headed off to China Gourmet. Jon picked up Jackie and they met us there, and it was good. Home style Chinese food, but the service was getting worse since they did more commercialization of it and used the same menu as they have in Superior. No more corn seafood soup. sigh but they still had spicy tendon, ants on a tree, some good fish, the deep-fried scallion pancakes, and lots of other yummy things. Jet ate a plateful of rice and then played Lite Brite under the table with his new travel Lite Brite. Happy boy.

We talked about anything and everything from spinning things to want was going on with Jon, to Jackie's guinea pigs, and the perceivable quality of food. It was good. Then Jet said it was time to go home, so we did, and he amazed me by not falling asleep on the way home. We played just a little, with choo-choos and then he fell asleep, thud. Tired boy with no nap.
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