February 15th, 2005



I got my little 20 oz brewer in the mail last night, used Oxacan organic coffee that I roasted two days ago (plenty of time for the body to come back, and I'd done 1/2 Dark (Viennese, 40 seconds into second crack) 1/2 medium City roast for complexity ), ground it in the nice conical burr grinder, and the results were very, very happy making. Clean, clear and it's the first time I really tasted the chocolate notes of the deeper roast and the lighter fruit notes of the lighter roast At The Same Time. Yow.

No crud, no residue, just clean, clear coffee with real body. Yum... Okay, Anita, I now know why your sweetie loves his vacuum brewer. And 18 resultant ounces is about as much as I can drink in a day (unlike John's 32 ounce pot just to get started...). Surprised the heck out of me when I found that I could actually drink this stuff without milk. Prefer it with, but so it is. I even broke out my little steel lined vacuum flask to keep it in for taking to work and it's been hot in my cup all day. Yes, it's got great construction.

Plus, it was great entertainment for Jet this morning. I can't ask for much more than that.
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