February 20th, 2005


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The leader of the kids' worship told Jet, today, that he really, really liked Jet's crocodile boots.

Jet shrugged and said, "That's okay, when you're four, you can wear them, too!"

Potty Training -- TMI

Jet's well past the age when he knows the mechanics of at least using the potty and the fact that he really should be putting all his bodily wastes in the potty. He does pretty well most of the time but when he'd distracted or has other kids to play with, he often just ignores the fact that he really should be going and using the potty.

He had a super busy morning at church with all the other kids and had an accident at church. Then, when we left, he got the option of using the van's tire or the potty and he went for the exotic twist, quite happily.

Then Tanner got to ride home with us, and when the boys got home, they got to playing. John went to take a nap, and the boys and I went into the backyard until Tanner got so hungry he had to go home and eat some food. He really didn't want to eat here, so Jet and I took him over. Jet wanted a ride on my shoulders, and on the way there he was kind of squirrelly. On the way back he said, with no doubt, "I have to use the potty."

"Okay, when we get to the house..."

"NOooooooo!! We have to get my crocodile boots!!" He kicked me and turned my head in that direction...

... and the inevitable happened as I felt warmth all along the back of my neck...


It's almost worse when he has an accident when I start *expecting* him to do the right thing. He still needs to learn this "Go to the bathroom when you can, not just when you have to." But it sure is hard while he's learning it. Yeesh.
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