February 23rd, 2005


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There is nothing quite as entertaining as a four-year-old, sitting on the potty, singing at the top of his voice, laughing at his own singing, and singing some more for just the joy of it.


Okay. I'll confess.

While it is a little more work to get Jet Yet Another Change of Clothing after he had two accidents at Joan's, it is an immense blessing that while he's been having these accidents, he's been sleeping the whole night through. No more, "Mommy, Daddy sleep with me!" in the middle of the night. He'd had a couple weeks of two or three times a night, and now, no more.

I have a feeling it's related. Growth spurts and not being as able to judge bodily functions for a while. Jet seems to get these accident prone days all in a row and then he suddenly seems to relearn it and go back to being diligent. I thought it was attitude, but now am quite open to the possibility that it may just be physical.