February 26th, 2005



While I was helping get Jet ready for bed, he was making "Uuurrp!" burp-like sounds, quite happily. A bunch in a row and I listened politely.

Then he told me that he wanted to make an "Uuurp!" for the WHOLE world and make everyone in the whole world laugh! Then it would be a party! And when the birthday cake came out, he'd make his "Uuurp!" sound and everyone would laugh and be happy. That's what he wanted.

I warned him against making that sound for Mikayla's birthday cake, tomorrow, and he assured me that no, no, he would only do it for HIS birthday and it would be so cool to make the whole world laugh...

Crazy Birthday Day

Just wanted to record this for my memory, that we were actually able to do it. John was SICK, and wanted to set up a few things for Kid's Worship, tomorrow, so I was the one that took Jet to Mikayla's Birthday party. It was at their pre-school! Seven Oaks. They have a good party room, and a great gym where all the kids ran and jumped and bounced and swam through a sea of blocks. They had a great time, and were good and worn out by the time they got their sugar high of cake and ice cream.

John arrived for the eating part of things.

He was feeling better for being drugged up. And lasted to the end of the party. We drove Jet home the long way and he was out like a light, took a nap.

Tanner and Macy arrived an hour later, and we kept them until 4:30, at 5, Dean and Kelly were going to take them and Jet. So at 5:10 John called and we took Jet over and RAN for the theater and got there twenty minutes late for Constantine, which was JUST in time for the first exorcism. Which was basically the beginning of the movie. I guess the credits, previews, and commercials were long enough to get us there just in time.

It was great. I loved Gabriel, the boy angel in the Liquor store, Lucifer (a VERY Marvel Lucifer), and even Mr. Reeves in a role I didn't think he could handle. The wry humor worked, for me, though, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I'll have to find the collections of books, now.

We got out at 7ish, ran home, got Jet, and ate some dinner. He'd had a great time there.

And WE got a movie! Hee hee!
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Oh, yeah...

I finished Mikayla's sweater for today, last night, took until midnight getting the zipper in. They loved it and it actually fits Mikayla! Woohoo!