March 1st, 2005


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It amuses me WAY too much to come into my cube in my, effective Monday morning to find an entire grocery bag filled, to the brim, with Inu-Yasha. Someone, I guess, was cleaning out their collection...

Other Good News

John found my pikachu in the back of the Passat. I'd lost it over a week ago, and missed the little guy. After 1510 days (> 4 years) and nearly 4 million steps (< 1000 miles) we've gone a long ways together. The battery is dying, but the battery is so common I can find them for a buck apiece.

Jet had NO accidents yesterday and, last night, AND was up three times, once, with me, for three hours. Ugh...

A connection indeed. Like the two edges of a blade, perhaps. :-P
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