March 13th, 2005



Eight inches of snow in the backyard and it's warm enough it's melting, which is a godsend to all our plants. Sometimes, here, when it snows, it stays cold afterwards, so much so that the water simply sublimates instead of melting off into the ground.

The roads were clear and wet this morning, even with the tonnage of wet stuff. Yay!

Saw an article about the newest Anne Lamont books and had to giggle over her prayer to have God find our president a job he's more suited to do. She's an interesting model for my take on religious liberalism, and I need to read more of her stuff.

Spent yesterday mostly taking care of a Jet that's coming down with something, which he has more of today. He's coughing, sniffling, and not too happy a camper, compared to usual. He spent most of the early part of the service in my lap; but when the kids trooped off to their worship service, he went along with. John worked half the day, yesterday, and he'd originally said just an hour, so he might take some time off next week to just be with Jet and I, that would be cool.

Jet had a great conversation with my Mom and Dad yesterday about his new obsession with Hot Wheels. He's kind of dropped Thomas and his table and all his trains all of a sudden, partially, I think, because his goal for his collection of potty-earned stamps is a Hot Wheels Car Wash.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and the day after and then later in the week. March and April weather here is filled with this wonderful, wet snows as a stand-in for showers as the moisture certainly is needed; but it means that my seedling aren't going out on their own for a while, yet. The tomatoes are doing fantastic. The lettuce needs replanting, and the green onions are thready little guys. The basil is green and thick and going like crazy, so I should probably be replanting that as well, soon, but it's odd to be replanting seedlings while there's nearly a foot of snow on the ground. Hee.
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