May 8th, 2005


The Parents have Arrived!

They arrived Saturday evening and are making themselves at home. Jet was very excited to see them, and they've been listening to him really well. I'm pretty impressed.

We had eight folks over for an overnight due to a commitment on John's part, Friday night, and it went very well. Thank goodness for the cleaning folks that come Friday mornings.

Friday, itself, I enjoyed, tremendously with Jet. We ran around a little. Library and then went to Ichi-ban and bought plain rice balls for Jet and a chicken donburi bowl for me. We went to the park and Jet got a ton of fish and seaweed sprinkles and soy sauce. I saw a Mom with three kids all munching down McDonald's give Jet quite a look as he cheerfully dove into the rice balls and covered himself with rice and sauce. I guess fries and chicken nuggets are a lot easier to clean up. We shared a canned Jones soda from Target ($3.99 for a 12 pack! Cheapest I've ever found), and then after a bit of a water washup, he dove into the sand box with the other boys and they played and played and fought a little and then played some more. Jet's crocodile boots turned into very find sand pails (with handles) and they had a blast.

Until the thundercloud rolled in. Then we went and had some DQ ice cream, and on the way home Jet fell fast asleep. Which was all to the good. I moved him to his room before the overnighters came, and when he woke up he was motivated to do so politey.

We had a good Sunday at church, and dozens of folks were very pleased to meet Mom and Dad and it was pretty cool. Everyone said Happy Mother's Day and we got panseys in corrugated pails. Pretty! Jet was weird and wired for some reason, just belligerent and a complete wiggle worm during the service. I have a feeling that knowing that we're going to be gone a few days is really getting to him. He had two accidents in a row, and will likely have one or two more before we're gone. I just hope he does better for Mom and Dad. We'll see.

I'm setting up a three-box paper, that Jet can mark off each box when the day is done, and he'll know that we'll be back after three days. He says that'll help and some article or another said that it would help, too. I am not too sure, but we'll try it.