May 14th, 2005


Running About

We started the morning by letting John sleep in, as he seemed to really need it.

Then we ran off to Boulder to let Jet play soccer at the indoor arena with Mikayla and Macy. But, for some reason or another, he refused to have ANYTHING to do with it, and when he heard me mention the Farmer's Market, he decided he wanted to go to that instead.

So we went to that instead. I was good, and bought only a few things. Mushrooms, spinach, wild strawberries, and some bread were my main targets. I also got some pesto, which I've promptly frozen, and with some bagels in mind, I bought some sundried tomato goat cheese. Yum.

We then headed home. Lunch and naps galore. I had a nice, long nap. At 10:30 in the morning, it was, as Jet said, "Gaa-looorious." to just sleep. Whew.

I woke up with enough time to make myself some lunch, including a "green egg" and toast. Put a blob of pesto in a spoonful of olive oil. Stir it apart while the oil heats. When you smell the garlic, plop a farm fresh egg on top. Fry to your desired consistency. Turn to see the Green. Put on plate and eat. Repeat as needed.

We then ran to Haley's birthday party in the new park in Erie. I had managed to unravel my broken socks, yesterday, so today I put them all back together again. All the King's horses and All the King's men had nothing on me. I used a little fresh yarn on one of the socks, and a lot on the other. The silk for the lot had crumbled with the hard wear to a gummy sort of dust. Yuck. I'm not sure that using that silk had been the best of ideas. So I'll have to watch that.

Jet had a blast at the party. Alex kept finding him and making him laugh. :-) That was pretty cool. They played and played and played and did ice cream cake and then presents, and Joanie missed him something fierce, but her job is going well, and the kids are going good, and they get her when they come home from school. So that's all to the good. John and Ray talked shop nearly the whole time, and Ray kept saying he should talk to us more. That should be good.

At 3, things wound down, and Jet got his party pack to take home. The candy bracelet lasted him back to Longmont, and we peered at our usual bagel shop and they were actually coming out the door right at that moment. They'd closed. We then went to Einstein Bagels and bought some bagels there. We thought about trying them for breakfast in the morning.

Then we headed home. Jet and John went into the basement to rest and recoup and play some Bandicoot games. I went off to the grocery store with a list, and I bought stuff, including good stuff for dinner. When I got home, I roasted up a chicken, made mole sauce, Spanish rice, and reheated some refrieds and we had a Mexican-style roast chicken dinner. Wow it was GOOD. I figured out that putting the chicken in the dead center of the grill is actually where they'd made it dead, as in no fire underneath that part of it, at all. All the fire's routed around the center, so that I can do this kind of close cooking that's nearly a simple roasting. No flare ups and I was very happy. I cooked Jet a hot dog and a bun and got no arguments from him when it was finally time to eat. A little late, but it was so good, it was worth the doing.

I need to cook more often. It's healthier for us and more therapeutic for me...
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