June 9th, 2005


Rain Gauge

Jet decided, this morning, that he HAD to bring a little, yellow plastic rain gauge to school, along with a kalidescope for Show and Tell. I thought it would be cool, eventhough the day, itself was sunny and clear as a bell.

Of course, being in the mid-west, and it's now 4pm, outside there are huge thunderheads boiling up and it looks really, really nasty up North.

John rode his bike, with Jet's trailer to work. When I went to tell John what Jet had brought to school, so that he could make sure to find then when John picks him up, John noted that the rain gauge might, indeed, be useful on the way home, to see exactly how much rain *does* get into Jet's trailer...


Jet learned about opposites today. So John asked him what the opposites were for a bunch of things:

The ThingJet's Opposite
OrangeDark Orange
WhiteDark White
BlackDark Black
Dark WhiteLight Dark White
Dark BlackLight Dark White
TreeDark Tree
RainyNot Raining
Sunny DayDark Day (aka night)

We discovered a few things were transitive and some, however, weren't! That was interesting, but after about half an hour of playing "opposite", Jet started to just answer with what was asked as he was grumpy and didn't want to play anymore.


Current Dancing and Colorado Rain

Swimming with Jet is more of a dance, now. Especially in the big Lazy River current pool. He'll touch John or I to get a breath, but then go for the wall or just swim with the current. He still can't touch bottom (I asked him, "Can you stand on the bottom Jet?" and he went and stood on the bottom of the pool, his head a good four inches underwater and then came up and said, "Sure, Mom. I can stand on the bottom." Argh.) to breath, but he doesn't even try. He just swims and giggles and grabs us, the walls, sometimes even other people in the pool when he wants an assist.

When he "rides" John's back, now, he's not always hanging on, he's often floating above, using John simply as a platform to be where he wants in the water level. It's pretty impressive.

We went to the Rec. Center for the evening after a long day at work. While we were swimming the sky filled with clouds and darkness, and it roared and drenched the land while we swam in the light and relative dry of the indoor pool. When we got out, showered, and headed for the car, it was just pouring. So John ran for the car, and when he pulled up out front, I put Jet on my shoulders, got everything else, and trotted to the car.

One thing Motherhood is excellent for is strength building. I got there, unloaded all our bags and then loaded Jet into his seat and we headed for Souper Salad. We ate.

I watched the puddles in the parking lot turn into smal lakes. The rain here is not like Seattle rain, lazy and pervasive. Here it's gusts of detemined pounding. The water rises here so quickly. Wheither the land is ready to recieve it or not, it comes so quickly everything overflows and the land runs with water. In Seattle, the rain comes down as softly as a whisper and disappears into the loam, levels of rivers rarely rising for anything but a big melt or after days of steady, pouring rain. Here the rivers and streams appear within minutes of a downpour.