June 21st, 2005


Pacifiest Jet

While in the lines at Elitch Gardens, on the way to the big water ride, we were next to a bunch of teenagers. Two of the girls started shoving each other, yelling, and just being obnoxious with each other. Like most of the other people and grownups and even the teenagers with those two, I just looked away and ignored them.

Next thing I know I hear this little voice going, "You should NOT FIGHT! That's mean. Stop fighting!"

It's Jet. He's shaking his finger at the two girls, looking up at them and telling them, quite sternly, "You stop fighting! That's no good!"

Blink. Blink. A boy with the girls cheers Jet on. "You tell 'em. He's right, you know, you shouldn't be fighting."

The girls stare at Jet in astonishment, give each other another shove, and Jet is right up against their knees, pushing at them, "Stop it!"

John and I move up as Jet gets in danger of having a knee to the head. The girls take one look at us, blush bright red, and stop. Their companion give Jet a hi-5, which Jet does, but then he gets totally shy and hides behind John's legs.

I kneel down and give him a hug, "Good job, Jet."
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Poor Jet, he still has his rash.

When I got home, Jet was hot to the touch. So I have a feeling his arms may have been a bit sunburnt as well as rashed. So we put him in an Aveeno bath, just barely warm water, and when he got out, he was so cool he was cold. Poor guy. We patted him dry, put on the sensitive skin lotion the doctor had recommended, and gave him another Benedryl. Then we started to make dinner.

By the time dinner was done, Jet was fast asleep against John's chest. Poor guy. He woke up for a half a minute to cry and tell John he wanted him to stay on the carpet and then went out again.

We tried to wake him up to get him to eat something. But he just had a huge milk and asked to go to bed. So we got him in his pajamas, brushed his teeth, read to him, and he fell asleep. He woke up yelling that he wanted to nurse. So we nursed and he went back to sleep. This was about 7:30 by the time we were all done. He got up for a bit in the middle of the night, but didn't get up until a bit after 7 this morning! Wow.

About three days ago I'd asked him to not get up until the first digit on the clock was a 7, because with less sleep Mom and Dad were pretty grumpy. And since I asked him to do that, he's stayed in bed until 7. It amazes me a bit, and with the extra sleep he's been less inclined to meltdowns, which has been very, very nice.

But he still has his rash. And it was Splash Day. I had to tell the teachers that he just shouldn't go out in the sun and that he really shouldn't have sunscreen on him. He seemed a little sad but also not too much so. Both John and I went at lunch time to give him his Benedryl, and he was pretty happy to be eating his lunch, though he'd asked the teacher if the yogurt and pudding in his box were really his. He seemed better than last night. The rash had been pretty puffy, but it was smoother when we went to see him and he wasn't hot anymore. Whew....

I think I can now believe he's going to get better.
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