July 14th, 2005



It's been really hot here since we came back, and we have mostly been doing what had to be done. The painters are still here painting the house, they'd just started when we left, and are still at it with a couple of glitches due to rotted out window housings.

I've mostly been watching cartoons and OLN for the Tour de France coverage. John's been running around doing a bunch of stuff, and helping the painters fix the windows before the very first heavy thunderstorm we've seen since coming home. They got it replaced just as the storm started stirring up the wind.

Jet's cranky at the moment, but he's been running errands for everyone and playing with his train table like he hasn't seen it for weeks. Hee.

I took some time, today, to make some newspaper pots and try and seed more sensative plants for Jet's preschool class. John bought me some rooting hormone one on of his trips to Home Depot, so I've cut French thyme and rosemary and dipped them and potted them. I hope that they will propogate and I'll have SMALL plants to winter over rather than the huge, monster plants I've had to take care of the last couple of years. I'll probably also pot a spider plant for Jet's room, there was an article about how houseplants really help clean up the air in a house.

We're going to go to the Asian market and go see "Fantastic Four" afterwards, hopefully, though it's cooled off enough, now, that it's bearable to not have the AC blasting and the windows open for the painters. 97 today. bleh. I also waited on lunch to get something at the Asian market, but John decided to that the window had to be done before we left.
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