August 2nd, 2005

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Food Evening

I had an okay day at work yesterday. Something happened that lifted a lot of stress and interaction energy that I haven't had for a while. This included not only my getting a promotion but one of my guys, whom I'd been working for the last year and a half to get promoted, got his as well.

Both excellent news and enough to make me feel better about working, which was good.

I got home and found that the J's didn't want to go to the Rec. Center, they were happily ensconced in the basement with the video game equipment. John ran off to do a few things while I played Crash with Jet. He did the cart parts, I did the jumping, bumping, and dying parts. *grin* Mom and Dad called in the midst of that and got a long, rambling description of the Lego Knight that Jet had got today in the bargain bin of some toy store. I talked with them for a while about their really extensive remodeling. We'll have to visit sometime well after it's over and they're comfortable again in their house just to see all the stuff they've done. Jet got kind of impatient with me talking, so I finally had to hang up. Then he got impatient with how I was playing and started bumping me so I finally said, "Enough." And got up and asked him if he wanted to help me make dinner.

He was ecstatic. For some reason, for the last week or so, whenever I do a cooking endeavor, Jet's wanted to be in the middle of it. So in the middle he was as we mixed turkey, soy, ginger, wine, garlic, garlic chives (we'd cut three pounds of the stuff from my garden this morning), and chopped, squeezed dry Chinese cabbage together. I had a package of thick, circular skins from the Pacific Ocean market. I should have bought two, as they had a really nice texture, and a pound and a quarter of ground turkey makes a lot of potstickers. But John made the bowls of cornstarch and water and the three of us sat down to wrap potstickers. Jet made a dozen of them, all neatly pinched around the edges. John went to the grocery store to buy a few more and only found wonton wrappers, so he got those. Jet was less happy with those and ended up playing with them like they were Play-Doh but not, while we finished the last wontons and cooked a pan full of the potstickers.

Jet ate whole potstickers for his dinner. A little younger than this, and he would only eat the shells and leave the insides. This time he ate the whole thing and pointed that fact out to us. Hee.

He went and played with Tanner, Macy, and Mikayala as I cleaned up and started a batch of banana muffins. It's too hot to bake in the morning, but doing it in the evening, when the house is cooling off with the house fan anyway, works pretty well. I mashed some bananas and started the muffins. Jet came in when I had all the dry, wet, and other stuff in their bowls and was just starting to combine things. He helped with the mixing, and enjoyed seeing me scoop the batter into th cups. "I'll eat them in the morning," he said as John led him away to bedtime.

John later said that Jet had actually requested an egg that morning. They'd started with the hard boiled egg, but with plenty of protestation from Jet, John made him a fried egg. Jet promptly ate all the white. So lots of good food trials yesterday, so I'm pretty happy.

I got a shipment from Adagio Teas and I have to admit that I will not recommend them anymore. They promised an herbal sampler with any $19 purchase, and I made a $21 purchase. I paid for part of it with the $1 coupons from doing reviews. I think, therefore, that's why they didn't send the sampler. I'm pretty grumpy about that, and, so far, the tea hasn't been that good. The little metal tins aren't that good at keeping the tea really fresh. They have some beautiful text about their teas, but the reality is pretty disappointing.

Oh, yeah...

And, indeed, Jet ate most of a banana muffin this morning. Hee.

He was up before 7! So we were all ready for pre-school and work well before 8:30 and we got there with no rush and no temper tantrums on my part. John took responsibility for this morning. I was so frazzled from all my attempts for the last two weeks that I was glad to let him do it this morning, and it went as smooth as anything. I can now hope that I can get Jet to pre-school on time, for once.
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Small Celebration

We're finally done with the painters! They got the last bits redone today after John and I had lunch at home to see how they'd gotten around to the very last details. They apologized for not having enough people to do the job in a timely manner, they hadn't hired anyone to just finish such a big job. Ah well. I believe them when they said that they were mildly embarrassed by how long it took. I don't think, however, that we'll recommend them to anyone or use them again. They did a good enough job, though, for a house that we're thinking of selling in a year or two.

So we went out to dinner, and Jet had a root beer float.

When he and I first came home, we shared one of the banana muffins with cream cheese spread on it. He liked that and it was good enough for him that the float didn't make him run rampant the way some things can. He had some onion rings (new!) and fries with it.

At dinner, though, Jet was arguing like he has been for the last week or so. Everything was getting contradicted. In the car, John played with it and declared negatives on a bunch of things, that Jet then cheerfully and laughingly turned positive. So there is a way to "deal" with it, and I think we're learning, again.
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