August 8th, 2005


Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea

Bought: Well... gotten for free at work as part of the free drinks program here. It was the innocuous foil pouch with a tea bag in it.
Brewed: Hot water right from the coffee machine tap (likely about 180 by the time it settled in the cold cup). 4 ounces of water in a cup for approximately 3 minutes, then I applied honey and ice as I wanted an iced tea, and I'm certainly not too proud to down a few innocuous antioxidents.

Green grass/hay flavors, probably dust (floor sweepings as the Chinese say) from dragons well or sencha in there, it's a mix and beyond that I can't really tell what varietals went in there. No nuttiness, so it's unlikely they used some the small leaf greens like bi lo chun. Surprisingly mellow (no bitters even with the longer brewing cycle) and no sharp or distinctive flavors in any direction, so they did a good job picking mellower greens.

5 of 10 as it's definitely green and it's not at all offensive and rather nice for a simple glass of iced green in the afternoon without keeping me up all night.
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It's like...

We were in the car, going from dinner to get groceries. I spoke about getting ice cream DrumSticks and Jet concurred, saying that since we were through with all the mochi ball ice creams it was right to replace them with another kind of ice cream.

John was mocking me gently, "Yeah... drumsticks are just like mochi balls... like, how?"

And Jet piped up, "Just like... uhm... swimming in a... in a... a... uhm... swimming in ah elephant! Yeah! Drumsticks are like mochi balls the ways they're like swimmin' in ah elephant."

We fell over laughing and Jet had the smug grin of a toddler who has told a good joke.

Home Alone

John and Jet are at the Bible Vacation School. It goes from 6pm until sometime around 8 or 8:30? I don't know. I just know that I'm home alone, and it's amazing to be able to watch what I want and actually THINK about the scrapbook I want to make about our trip out East and back.

I bought a simple scrapbook, just pages with protector pockets and I have a ton of paper and the pictures at home. I also got a few acid-free/photo safe pens. I may have to buy some kind of glue that's photosafe, too, or something. Most of the photos I'm using are prints from my digital photos so making copies won't be a problem. A few are photos from John's rolls of real film, so I want to be more careful with those.

I'm cheerfully trying to lay out the pages before I do anything approximating glueing things, and figuring out what pictures I need out of the ones that I haven't printed, yet, but it's kind of hard. I may need to just print a thumbnail of EVERYTHING and use that for a quick mockup of what I want all the pages to look like. Of course, never having done this before it may result in my taking YEARS to do one book of one trip. :-)

My cold has gone away. I used the air cleaner in our room last night, and I slept nearly 12 hours between a daytime nap and last night's sleep, and my head cold is nearly gone. Jet's is still around, and I'm a little worried, so I'll probably put the air cleaner in his room tonight.