August 16th, 2005


Golden Yunnan Update

I am over the allergies/cold thing, and I tried Adagio's Yunnan gold again, just boiling water in my Chatsford tea pot, and it was great. Lemony citrus notes over the rich tea base. So it was definitely my nose and not the tea itself.

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Dragon Blend

Bought: From Coffee Jones, a local roaster. We have an interesting relationship with them as we buy their organic, Fair Trade coffees to sell at the church to do fund raising for a little South American village that grows coffee beans as one of their crops. The whole of the UCC (United Church of Christ, yeah, the denomination that aired those anti-church bouncer ads) has asked its member churches to try and do business, as much as possible, with Fair Trade certified folks.

So we call in an order before Thursday and on Saturday, usually at night, they deliver a big, aromatic brown box filled with one pound sacks of coffee they just roasted. Yum. We usually get the Breakfast Blend and the Dragon Blend for the church. John's main cuppa is the Dragon Blend, so I grab some of his when I don't have time to roast.

Brewed: Boiling water (203) from the microwave over 12 second whirly blade grind in unbleached Melitta paper filter.

More rich and varied than the breakfast blend, more of the caramel and bittersweet chocolate deep notes along with some fruity high notes. There's a good balance of acid and darker roast flavors and a much wider range to it than most blended coffees I've tasted. I enjoy it. There's definitely some of the Indonesian dragons in here, and it tells in the body of the stuff and it coats the tongue fairly well. The aftertaste is creamy and lingers for just a moment.

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Yay for the General Synod 25!! Church Stuff

Equal Marriage Rights for All
Tear Down the Wall
Use of Economic Leverage in the Middle East
Supreme Court Justice Nomination

Rather balanced resolutions on the most part. It's interesting what the Synod chooses to discuss and decide.

One article that had me laughing was "Once mostly the UCC's problem, name-game has 'Churches of Christ' countering mistaken identity." Churches of Christ are rabidly right. We're nearly as rabidly left. It's always been something that caused confusion for us in the UCC, kind of interesting to see it doing the same the other way around, now. I especially like the last paragraph. Being Christian isn't just confusing to folks outside. :-)