August 29th, 2005


No Cohohoho...


The grocery store had run out by the time I got there. So I bought the on-sale hamburger instead, half price. Salt and pepper, and made neat patties a la Alton Brown, grilled 'em, and Mikayala asked for a burger as well. So I made three out of the pound o' meat. Mikayala said, "I don't WANT meeeeat!" "Oh... okay, how about hamburger?" "Okay, that's good."

I made hers (4 oz) smaller then ours (6 oz) and she wanted just cheese and ketchup, so that's what she got and she ate the WHOLE THING. Jet was amazed. He had his hamburger bun slathered in cream cheese, wasabi sprinkles, and hairy sprinkles (dried pork-fu) and ate all of that. Mikayala thought he was weird. He thought Mikayala was weird. It was mutual weirdness, but they both admired the other for actually finishing their dinners.

Then John and I *thought* they disappeared to Mikayala's house. Instead, he finds them in Tanner and Macy's house, except that Tanner and Macy and their mom aren't home from their vacation, yet. Dad's home, along with a player on Dad's soccer team (the player was in the house but not exactly watching the kids). Mikayala and Jet had just gone into the open house, and sat down and played "Battleship" by moving ships and pegs around. They didn't know the rules or anything, so John found them there cheerfully waiting "half an hour until they get home!" but they never did show up. Mikaya wanted a drink, so she went home, and John and Jet came home soon after.

We then dropped the Passat at the dealers, the check engine light is on for no good reason they could figure out, so it's in for more extensive poking.