September 2nd, 2005



The Katrina news is wiping me out. Safe and sound at home, it's still too much for me, in ways I hadn't expected. I'm responding with old reflexes, old ways of dealing, old ways of hiding, and mostly reading, reading, reading fiction and playing a lot with Jet. I'm just reading and knitting and avoiding the stupid sensationalist media. It's making it hard to deal with my real life in many ways. Though it now makes my way of dealing with stress something less funny.

There was a time when I often said, "Well, no one I know died today, that makes it a good day." A way to keep my perspective. Now, eventhough I don't know the folks that are dying, it doesn't make it a good day, at all. I wonder if Bush will ever ask folks to fly flags at half mast for all those anonymous deaths?

I'll follow a couple of blogs, now, and that's enough for me. The metroblogging in N.O. has been anything other than sensationalist, trying to just spell out what they can, including an "I'm okay" site. I get plenty of sensation from interdictor who just refuses to leave. But that's more than enough for me.

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