September 20th, 2005


It is depressing...

... to realize that the mere fact that a coffee or tea is in a paper cup is something I can now taste.

I had to dig around in the common kitchen to find a ceramic cup in order to really enjoy the coffee from the k-cup critter installed there.

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I love the rain.

I've gotten to walk between the campuses here while it thundered, rumbled, and rained. It's wonderful. I love the scent of the wet pavement.

I'm going to get to go to ramen with umetaro and I'm looking forward to it.

Work is tumbling through me like a well-channeled avalanche of interactions. All to the good it seems as I've even been invited out to lunch by my boss as a result of the big presentation on Monday. A good thing. Five other, different projects have each spun through my attention like facets to a gem, and I keep it all spinning with a word here, a definition there, a document to underly it all...

But I want to go back to my room and watch Sky High. No, now the teen supers movie, it's an astonishingly grisly and grabbing movie about a woman murdered and faced with the very Japanese choice of acceptance and Heaven; denial and being a ghost haunting the Earth; or cursing a single living person to death and going to Hell. There's some extremely well-staged cinematography in this one. I love the Gates of Rage.

I've also been hooked on Midnighters and gazing longingly at the last Bujold book. I may just have to buy that. Hmph.

There's TOO MANY THINGS I want to do while I have the time to just do them instead of taking care of my family, but I miss my family something fierce, too. Bah... It's a good thing that the lender of the books has said that I may take them home and ship them back when I'm done. Whew.

I am tired. The hotel bed is not my home bed and the pillows don't rustle when I shape them as my buckwheat hulls do at home. Sniff.
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