September 29th, 2005



Carl lent me the first several volumes of Shonen Jump's Whistle! and I took them home with me, and I'm devouring them. While I was in the midst of volume 4, in the big match against the super school, Jet grabs the book and says, "READ this to me!!"

So, for his story time, last night, we read that volume of Whistle! and he loved it and now says he wants to play when he gets in to Kindergarten, or, literally, "When I get into Tanner's school." Tanner is the son of the owner of a professional team and the owner of an indoor soccer rink, he's part of a five-year-old soccer team that, I think, could run circles around nearly any elementary school team in existence. His whole family's life revolves around soccer in many ways. Not a terrible influence, at all, in my sight. Tanner's sister, Macy and Mikayla often go to a Saturday morning open floor for tykes at 9 am, and they play for fun. Jet's gone a few times, but he's always hung back, but when John and Tanner and Macy and Jet and Peter get together in the backyard Jet will go and kick away, happily.

Anyway, the books definitely gave Jet more incentive to try harder.

I, on the other hand, had several mountains of memories dug up by the books, bone deep, muscle deep memories.

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Two Dollars

I earned myself two dollars when I went to the Target to pick up my Yahoo! prints and said to the lady... "The website showed that I got two dollars off..." and she took that as enough of a sign to search through a pile of papers and find a coupon for First Time Users of Yahoo's pickup service. It gave me ten prints free. So I paid $1.50 for 17 nice 4x6's for my scrapbook. Nice.

I think that ten years ago I would have just paid the full price and never thought to even state the vague muttering that I did... Yay me!
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