October 24th, 2005



On Friday, Jet was talking away merrily during lunch and suddenly, he clutched his forehead hard, closed his eyes, and SNEEZED.

We giggled a lot with him about holding his forehead instead of his mouth or nose before sneezing.

Then, on Saturday, at the Rec Center, while John and he were paddling around the Lazy River, Jet suddenly grabbed John's nose just before Jet sneezed. John laughed so hard he nearly breathed water, and Jet was mighty pleased with himself.

Weekend Ke-putch

Friday we went to Flat Irons and I got my Franklin-Covey refills for 10% off. The Tattoo Train (the Zip train, which zips around between the shopping areas) wasn't running frequently enough for us, so we skipped it and headed for the pumpkin fields. The rain stopped right when we got there, and everyone picked a pumpkin. Jet ran through the hay-bale maze a dozen times, ending up climbing onto the bales and just running around the edge from entrance to exit. He thinks like I do, why is it cheating if it gets you to the goal faster?

We came home to a completely clean house and a note from the cleaners saying they'd like to move to Wednesdays. So we shall.

We had sandwiches for dinner, and then carved all five pumpkins, each to the makers' way. We lit them and they were Good.

Saturday we got up way too early, and had to send Isabel and George to the airport. Jet said, "No more Granny 'Bell or Gran'pa George, that's so sad."

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