November 5th, 2005


Going With the Flow

John left, this morning, at about 6:30. Jet wasn't up until eight. So Dad was gone before we were even up. He took my scrapbook with him along with some pictures that he wanted to show his parents. So that was cool.

Jet's finally worn through one of the pairs of green wool socks I'd made him when he was just 2. I'd lengthened the socks when he outgrew the original pairs, and the lengthened pairs have seen pretty much constant wear since last winter. Jet wears them every time he can. I'm absolutely amazed that he actually wore this pair out before he outgrew them Yet Again.

He likes the hole in them, says, "I can feel the temperature of the house through the hole." Which I guess he probably can, but still. :-) I keep wanting to fix 'em, but he won't let me.

We had another lazy day as he had that killer sounding cough, still, and was a little hot this morning. We mostly watched cartoons, then went out to Target to get him his reward for the last several weeks. He had one accident on Wednesday, but since then has done well. He's been saving his stamps up and managed to get the AcceleRacers sweeper, with battery-powered ability to suck up Hot Wheels cars and spit them out again at the touch of a button. And when it's off, he can use it to carry his cars around. So that should be pretty cool.

He's now playing Putt-Putt, end to end. It's a little eye-blinking to see him approach problems the way John and I do, i.e. throw everything at it until it falls over. It's educational seeing some of the personality bits that are reflected that way. Ripple of genetics and personal example all in one...

He ate three pieces of Tombstone pizza in a row, and turned his nose up at the first slice of Totino's when I first presented it to him, "Too much ketchup... not enough cheese." Ah well.

I guess I'll have to find more Tombstone before dinner. Jet's on a pizza kick, and it seems to be the only thing he'll eat in quantity. He even turned his nose up at Pop-Tarts this morning. Sniff. I'll have to figure out if it's just the cold or something.
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Line Up

This is Jet's lineup of his candy. He had every like piece with every other like piece. It was pretty amazing.

Oh, yeah, I should note here that when Jet and John went trick or treating, about twenty minutes into it, Jet said, "Dad, this is really heavy."

Jet handed John the pumpkin bucket and John went, "Yeesh!" as it was full already. John dug around in his coat pocket, found a grocery bag, and dumped Jet's booty into it so that Jet would have the room to collect more. Yay!
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