November 14th, 2005


Cool Thing

As part of the off-site, we did a "bonding exercise" at the local Crackpots. Hee. It was fun, informal and it was interesting to see how people's personalities came out in what they chose to paint and how they went about painting them and how they decided they were "done"... plus all the banter while eating and painting was cool, too.

I chose a cappacino mug as I have two of them at home, which isn't quite enough to last me until the dishwasher is run. So I got another one and painted random flowers and bugs on it. One chrysansamum, one iris as I like irises and we have some in our yard, and a sunflower on the inside. I added a squiggly butterfly and a simple dragonfly with transluscent light blue wings. Mmm... A green base and a red rim and plenty of colors on the handle. It was fun. Everyone admired the flowers and the detailing I put on 'em. So that was all to the good, and I really enjoyed the creative break after three days of work related stuff.

I was also fun to listen to everyone and just not have to say anything.