November 26th, 2005


Quiet Thankfulness

I'm thankful for my family, for my financial situation, for the food we eat, the air I can actually breath, and for not being sick for a while. I am thankful that I have the job I have, for all its stresses, it's not the soul-killing work I was doing with the previous group. I'm thankful for being able to give and help others. I'm thankful for my friends and all their support and good wishes. I'm thankful for the strength of my body and my mind and with having the freedom and the will to do what I feel needs to be done.

We had a good Thanksgiving with neighbors. It reminded me of the old Chinese potlucks my family used to have with all the other Chinese families in our town in Indiana, just not quite as big. All the parents would do their thing, all the kids would go off and do theirs, we'd meet for food and then wander our seperate ways again. It was good.

Yesterday was quiet. We went off to Denver for lunch with Bob and Mai and it was a great little Chinese restaurant that was in a bad neighborhood, so the prices were great and the food was wonderful.

This morning we did a lot of shopping to catch some of the Big Sales, not so much for other people's presents as for John's birthday and our needs. A free USB memory stick of 256 M wasn't to be sneezed at by me. I can now carry a book around with me as needed. Plus the photo paper deals were so good I couldn't resist. After buying all our ink at Costco, it's the paper that was the expensive part. Now I really do owe Tonya her pictures.

After lunch we went to Macy's birthday party and it was at the indoor soccer arena that Peter owns. It was fun. I smashed my left big toe right after it had halfway healed from Bromley. oops. So it's all purple again. I just hadn't tightened my shoes and their treads caught and my foot smashed into the front and it was a big owie. Oops. Ah well. It was astonishing, though, to play a little soccer after nearly seven years without. My knee felt weird. My feet and ankles hurt, and it was funny to be doing some things on instinct that were fairly complex items. Wierd but good, too. I especially liked harrassing the bigger boys that were hogging the ball. Old defenders' reflexes are always useful. John laughed when I started the kid-adult game by standing in front of him as he was in goal. "You'll be my sweeper! Man, it's been a while since we've done this..."

The party was fun. Jet went from hiding in the upstairs food room to coming down to the sidelines and walking the bleachers to finally going out on the field and kicking things around with the tiny kids. I was impressed that he finally went down on the field and then proceeded to have fun. That's the whole point, anyway, I'm thinking...

I'm still tired. Less crispy than I was at the start of this eight day break, but still pretty molten. I'll be glad for the Christmas break, too. I have some shopping to do, and darned quick, but it should be fun anyway.

We're having cedar plank salmon tonight, noticed the $8 cedar planks at the grocery store. Yeesh. We bought an untreated cedar fence picket at Home Depot for $2 and sawed it into four slabs, and the first one is still in use and still does a great job of lending smokey, cedar flavor to the fish. Yummy. No turkey for us this time around. I am kind of tired of the frozen $3 16 pounders they have here. The last couple I cooked had no drippings to speak of and it just made me blink. I'm too cheap go to organic, but with a chicken I could... We did have turkey for Thanksgiving, but Peter did the cooking and all the cleaning up afterwards, and I was quite thankful for that. It's always the week of leftovers, afterwards, that keeps me up at night. :-) But we, as the guests, did quite a job on cleaning up their leftovers, so that was good.

I'm thinking about a duck or a goose, but we'll see...

Oh, yeah...

I'm thankful for the new kitchen sink John put into the kitchen. The shorter disposal side is also smaller and easier to fill with soapy water for the wash. The other basin is HUGE and a good once again deeper than the old sink. It's wonderful and roomy and makes washing dishes a lot eaiser, along with filling the stock pots and washing it, too.

And John and I used the laundry sink for the days while he was replacing it, and it made my back ache. I can't imagine using it for months the way Mom and Dad did during their remodel. My hat's off to them. Wow.