December 13th, 2005


Boy is Growing Up

We found a booster seat on sale as part of the general Christmas mania. Jet's been in a car seat for a very, very long time, as he's just been smaller than the other kids his age; but he's now well over the 30 pound limit on the high-back booster. So we bought it. John checked it out on the safety sites, and it was the best in its class, so we installed it yesterday. Jet and John used it for their errands and Jet tried buckling himself in now and then.

This morning, when Jet and I got into the van, Jet climbed into his seat himself, grabbed the strap and said to me, "Mom. Do. NOT. Help. Me." between gritted teeth.

So I didn't help him. I just let him do it and applauded when he did. He happily tightened the belt across his chest and said, "It's harder when I have my big coat on." He was so proud it was cool to see.
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