January 6th, 2006

trees over Jet

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It's been a great day, so far.

I went to sleep too late last night. Jet had to be woken up every school morning this week. So this morning John left for work well before ether of us awoke, and it wasn't until 8:30 that Jet came into my room and asked me to play with him. He sat on me, turned on the light, and asked me to read him bits of his mining coloring book. Then he hit on the idea of having a bath, and I asked him to get his shampoo. He cheerfully ran out the door.

I went back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later he wandered in again with one of his bath toys. When I sent him back, he loaded up on toys and his mango shampoo. Toys. Hmm. He really wanted a bath in my big tub, not a shower. I sent him back again for clean clothes. Then I filled the tub, put him in, and then took a rather lukewarm shower myself, as the tub. even half full makes significant inroads on the hot water. Then I joined Jet in the still warm tub and gave him a complete scrub, top to toes. Then I dried off and dressed, n

Breakfast was easy with the little boxes of cereal John and I bought yesterday. Dean had taken Jet for the evening, so we'd had a quiet night out. Nice.

We headed out in plenty of time, and even got bagels and were still early for the appointment! That proved useful because they were done early with the previous appointment, so got started.

Jet was great! He did everything that the hygienist asked him to do, and even took the hard parts as a matter of course. The fluoride tray was too big for his mouth, but he took as much as he had to and held it for the time needed. We then had to wait half an hour until he could eat.

So we headed north, filled the tank at the 10¢ off per gallon pumps at King Soopers. Jet watched me through the driver's side window.

By the time we got to the "big" McDonald's and did the pre-meal ritual the alarm had gone off and we got to eat. Jet ate ail his chicken and has been playing quite happily. A little ice cream and the morning is complete. It has been very enjoyable and there's still the afternoon.