January 23rd, 2006



I cannot find my copy of "The Art of Shetland Lace" by Sarah Don. I peered at amazon and was mildly shocked to see copies of it going for nearly 200 dollars. Bah. Luckily, the library in Fort Collins has a copy, so I might go there on Friday to get the patterns I want out of it, but, dangit... I can't find it or my lace shawl book, that I knew I had one of. Anyway... it's a bother...

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We're home. Our own beds are very sweet to sleep on.

I'm fighting something off again. John got hit by a gut bug. Jet slept ALL NIGHT last night. I'm grateful. Grateful just to hug him for all that, too.

I'm going to sleep in My Bed Again! yay!! :-)
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