February 2nd, 2006


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I'll admit it...

I'm a MB "N" and it's is oddly satisfying to bring together all the things that my organization considers important and actually capture all the ruling concepts and come up with conceptual strategic objectives that really have a real "end" to keep in mind.

Maybe I just love the concept of really thinking through what the heck we want before we start going and doing all the things to get there. I like having an architectural plan and a blue print before the first spade-full of dirt is dug and the foundations are laid, dangit. It's hard work, it's getting all the stuff in all our heads down onto paper and trying out all the ideas before laying the dang concrete.

I like that.

I am, however, exhausted again having to interact with eight other people constantly for two solid days straight.
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Heartache and Happy Birthday Jet

Apropos of very little other than the fact that I've been stressed and mildly depressed by the coincidence of lots of bad stuff happening to people I know about...

Ceej's account of her miscarriage and loss of her twins on the 29th of January hit me pretty hard. And the main reason it hit me so hard was that I clearly and distinctly remember in the 20th week of my pregnancy with The Fish (who later grew into Jet) that we went for an ultrasound. I remember "seeing" every perfect pearl strand of his spine, his vigorous kicking and headbutting of my belly, the fast flutter of his heart, and the human shape of him eventhough he was no bigger than John's hand. And that horrible background question of "what are we going to do if the amino turns up a problem?"

I admit, after reading her account, I have more patience for Jet, now. I hug him more. I admire the miracle that has lent him to us, and take a more fierce hold of the responsibility of raising him to be as capable and joyful and loved as we can...

Jet's birthday is today. He's decided that his "real" birthday isn't until "the big cake comes out", which is Saturday. So while it's his birthday today, he has declared that he's not REALLY five until Saturday. *grin*

Yarn Geeking

I just started the Adamas Shawl from KnitPicks and I have a few nits to pick with the darn pattern.

I will say that I love the yarn itself. It's gorgeous, strong, and exactly right for size 5 needles for a really Shetland style lace, i.e. using a gage far bigger than the yarn works really well with it.

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