February 14th, 2006



Okay... okay... now I'm mildly fascinated by my Johari table as the facade points are how I know I appear and approach folks in "real life" versus here. So it's pretty cool, now, to see what folks are picking. So I'll now be more... hm... warm about inviting folks to go ahead and pick words about me. I like knowing.
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I haven't written all that much mostly because work's been really busy, lately.

Managing a real project where none of the people report to me has been a bit like getting big, intelligent Clydesdales into their yokes (MUCH bigger and stronger than me, but willing) and then perching up on the driver's seat and getting them to all pull in unison the way I need 'em to go. Amazing to see things come magically in sync and the ride is MUCH faster than I thought it would be and we're pulling a massive load so far as the amount of work that's getting done. It's almost frightening, but very cool, too.


Dang... I'm awfully tempted by this. Yes, it would be bemusing, but it would be pretty cool, too.

Maybe I'll order the class the day I actually retire.
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Feverish Boy

Poor Jet. He has a really high fever. He had one last night, and woke up an hour after he went to sleep, and he came out to see us watching TV downstairs and he grinned at us sheepishly, "I thought the Light was Up."

But then the fever and headache caught up to him and he was whimpering, even after John gave him his ibuprofen and decongestant and cuddling, and John got him back into bed and then cuddled with him and Jet mumbled something at John and it turned out to be "Thank you." between whimpers. When Jet was finally warm, he quieted down, and the drugs kicked in and he was better.

Then he said, "SAVE THAT!" started and said, "That was a dream. Heh." and went back to sleep.

He was up once with me at 2 and then was up, for good, at 5. He went to school to do the Valentine's Day party, with a dose of ibuprofen, and I went and picked him up at 11:30, before the party.

We got a few things at the grocery store for John as he and Jet had bought me a nice card and a sack full of Reese' peanut butter cup hearts. I like it when they just get me something little, so no guilt but still remembered. We bought John a card and some yellow roses with red edges. Pretty and they smell nice and we'll all enjoy them.

By the time we got home Jet was shaking. I dosed him, put warmer clothes on him, and then tucked him into the couch with a thick, heavy blanket on him, and he gradually warmed up and watched The Incredibles simply to watch it. Then he sat in my lap and ate a big lunch, which also smoothed him out some and then he wanted to go to a friends' to play; but he's really sick, so I just tempted him with Tom and Jerry and he's content again, to just rest and drink a lot of strawberry milk. He gets comfort from that and the vitamins aren't bad, either.

He seems to be doing okay, and I'm now going to just dose him with the ibuprofen BEFORE he gets "a headache" that should help keep it in check. Doc says not to worry unless he has the fever for three days, so I won't. Work is crazy, but I can actually get a ton more done at home, which is a very good thing. I made my home station a bit more ergonomic so my forearms through my hands aren't killing me anymore, and I have a corporate massage setup for Thursday, so I'll at least last the week. I found out, though, that I have to be at a meeting that'll collide with my usual maintenance massage, so I'm going to have to get that rescheduled. Grumph.
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The Groundhog was Right.

We're supposed to have snow, 20's and lows in the single digits for the next week and it looks like another cold front may be coming in after that. So much for winter being over. The 50's and sunshine for the last month were pretty deceiving. It still bemuses me that THIS is when I am supposed to start my seeds because by May, the tomato plants should be big enough to harden of and move outside. Wow.
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Jet seems to be comfortable, though still warm.

As those of you who comment frequently may have noticed, I've been frantically trying out new layouts as it seemed that "Smooth Sailing" started failing on me. I finally figured out why, it was a bogus style I'd added to the customizations. When they cracked down on stuff I noticed that my journal wasn't "working" anymore. I tried a bunch of setups, but didn't like any of the customizations as much as I liked my customized version of "Smooth Sailing", so I finally found the bogus style, removed it, and whew. Much cleaner layout and color schemes again. Thanks for sticking with me.
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