February 24th, 2006


The Big Meow

Diane Duane has always been one of my favorite authors, and while she's getting paid big bucks, now, for her old Wizards series (thanks to the Potter craze), she had another wizardry series which was centered around feline wizards in the same world. I loved the cats, but the readership and money aspects of that series aren't nearly as well paying as the other one. BUT, Diane has a story to tell in that world with those characters, and since the publishers are not willing to pony up, she's jingling her storyteller's money hat, and looking at an interesting subscription and self-publishing model of writing, telling, and making money on this story.

Thanks to my sister, Kathy, I now know more about this scheme.

Here's a complete explanation of the mechanics.

I'm subscribing. :-)
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