February 28th, 2006



70-something is even weirder...

The presentation was accurate and complete, and my boss was pleased with that part; however, the proposal was not approved. So a bit more work to do. That's all to the good, I think.

Now I have another presentation in half an hour, and I'm good with it, I think... we did some more slide work this morning, and I think it's more solid than it was.

Yesterday, John told me:

"Dad, where's my destruction belt?" asks Jet, focused on something.

"What do you need it for?" asks Dad.

"I need the hammer."

"Why?" asks Dad.

"The nails on Mommy's knitting are all sticking out. They're all bent in different directions too, I need to hammer them in." Says the ever-helpful Jet.

"Uhm..." says Dad... "It's very good to be helpful, Jet, but I don't think Mommy wants you to hammer those in."

Good Dad. :-) I'm glad he asks all those questions.