March 27th, 2006



I've moved from my old cubicle to my new cubicle and it took me six trips with a cart to get everything over. Someone said to me, "You know, it's ONLY an 8x8 cube, how can you FIT so much stuff in there?"

Uhm... I bent a dimension somewhere? I didn't really load the cart down that solidly, either, but it was fun to make the trips and get some exercise.

The trip home from SJ was easy enough. We'd gotten better travel karma earlier in the week, so getting home was straightforward and entirely predictable.

The weekend was great with Isabel and George, and we packed it with dinners with Bob and Mei and our church's gathering of friends dinner at our house. Much astonishing cooking was done by Mei at her house. She did egg rolls (she allowed us to help and make them, which was great!), lotus root, pickled green papaya, a gorgeous steamed fish with scallions and hot oil, a gluten dish that was nice and chewy and tasty, and a really nice sesame chicken. We ended with a red and green bean sweet soup with fisheye tapioca that were nice and chewy. We'd brought strawberries and angel food cakes from Costco and they made very nice desserts as well.

We did a couple of artichoke casseroles (care of Isabel's recipe) for our dinner, one with meat and one without as some of the folks choose vegetarian dishes when possible. Jet was the only child, so the adults took turns playing with him or watching him play Polar Express. That was fun. The other lady electrical engineer and I build Zoob models for Jet to play with, we had fun, sometimes, saying exactly the same phrases at the same time and talking about "adding some insulation" to keep the food warm. Hee. It's good to talk with another lady engineer.

Jet was great for both gatherings, even without another child to play with, he did good at persuading various adults to play with him, and he enjoyed their attentions even when he couldn't have the kinds of play he really wanted.

It was interesting getting a notification from someone that'd left a comment about reading my old journal entries about Fezzik. I went back and read about his cancer and death and cried some this morning. In a good way. I loved my pup. I learned a lot, then, too. I'm not exactly sure I write as freely as I did back then, or maybe I never really know... but it does mean that, maybe, I should allow this journal to be searched by folks just looking for stories, again...

I also found out that my eskimo account finally died. It was getting drowned by spam, so I'm not too sorry to see it go. I'll probably get a flickr pro account and upload Jet's first year, there, and then follow up, gradually, with the following years, but I'm not entirely sure I'll have the energy for that. It's the one thing that I need to recreate from that place, the rest can rest in peace with the dying of that credit card and account.

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I finished a pair of socks for Jet while on the trip. I also, on Sunday, added a frizzy, white, sparkly edging to a pair of pink socks for a little girl that wouldn't take off the other pair... hee. I'd given her two pairs of pink socks, one with white, sparkling lace, the other without. She wouldn't take the pair with the sparkles off, at all. Her mom finally asked me to put an edging on the other pair, too, so she could actually WASH the first. :-) I obliged.

I'll have to make a picture of Jet's new socks, as they're Elizabeth Zimmerman's moccasin style socks, with a sole added to a instep, so that I can easily replace the sole when he puts holes into them. The last three pairs of socks I'd made him got holes in the sole and he helped the holes along by pulling on them. So I wanted something where if he wore holes into them, I could easily replace the parts that wore out and not have to throw the whole thing out.