May 2nd, 2006


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Jet says, "Mom, I like girls. I like them a lot."

"Cool, Jet."

"Mom... I really like girls. I don't like boys. The boys at pre-k go, 'Ewwwwww... girls! Girls are yucky!'"

"You don't like any boys?"

"Yeah. Well... I like me. I'm a boy, and I like me."

"That's good, Jet."

"And Tanner. I like Tanner..."

"... and Orion?" I ask.

"Yeah. I like Orion and Sage AND Tanner and me."

"Good, Jet."

Office Coffee

  1. It's free.
  2. It's not half bad if I brew it in my drip brewer...
  3. ... right when I want to drink it
  4. ... with actually *boiling* (at altitude that's just 203°) water
  5. and... the kicker... throw one of the Land 'o Lakes Mini Moos (uht half and half) in it.
  6. The uht taste isn't too bad in free coffee...